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Psychological Assessment - Assignment Example

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Development centers are also known as 'information storehouses' and they specialize in the identification of the correct behavioral patterns. Often conducted in a highly systematic and rigorous fashion to enhance and further improve the process of recruitment, selection, promotion and development within a specified area of network, such as a workplace, these methods are widely accepted and periodically implemented by top organizations.
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Psychological Assessment
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Assessment centers comprise of a number of key features. Here, a group of participants take part in a variety of exercises and are evaluated on the basis of their pre determined job related behaviors by a team of experts. The decisions are taken on the basis of data pooling, which in turn are influenced by the total number of participants, the combination of various simulation methods, also known as psychological exercises, the team of evaluators, numerous job related behaviors and finally, the sharing of data. (Ballantyne & Povah, 2004)
A one on one interview in an organizational set up is often considered an unnecessary hassle and hence in order to ease the process of recruitment and performance measurement, a team of observers are used to study the overall performance of an employee, in at least one of the more parameters. In order to gauge the objectivity of an individual, the observers make use of various behavioral assessment procedures through the means of numerous exercise groups. The trainers or accessory are chosen in accordance to their diversity with special regards to the age, gender and ethnicity. Listed below are a few commonly followed exercise routines which are generally supplemented by trainers, who also happen to be occupational psychologists. (Weiner, Freedheim, Schinka, & Velicer, 2003)
The first exercise is called the presentation exercise. It involves the simulation of an audience group while briefing them on a particular topic. The second is group discussion, which, as the name suggests, is a team building exercise that centers around a healthy interaction on a given topic. The one on one role play is the third prominent exercise which targets the negotiation skills of an individual through a one on one interactive cession. The in-tray basket exercise, which also happens to be the fourth exercise, is based on a particular role play. It helps in identifying the execution of a given task through the means of prioritization. The written analyses test is another team building exercise which checks the analytical skills through the means of a work based issue. The interview is the next exercise which aims at gathering relevant information on a key topic. The psychometric assessment test is perhaps the last of the effective exercise groups which is known to yield results. It involves a professionally modeled written test which evaluates the cognitive, motivational and the personality profiles in an individual. (Weiner, Freedheim, Schinka, & Velicer, 2003)
Stages of Negotiation Exercise with One on One Interaction
The negotiation exercise is often considered as an important tool to analyze and implement the basic analytical skills in an individual. Executed to perfection through a one on one conversation, the trained psychologist, who actually conducts the entire program before making it look easy and efficient, has to actually undergo various procedures to get his/her act in place. Well, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Psychological Assessment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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