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No New Katrina Aid in Bush Budget - Term Paper Example

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The paper 'No New Katrina Aid in Bush Budget' presents the world which is yet to convene to mark the first anniversary since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf City. More than meet the eye needs to be done in rebuilding the once vibrant city that was reduced into of ghosts…
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No New Katrina Aid in Bush Budget
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Download file to see previous pages One is left wondering how such a humanitarian and natural catastrophe could conspire to create a living hell, with flooding that stretched beyond 90,000 square miles and creating a human displacement of 400,000 people. Hundreds of thousands of residents lost jobs. In a nutshell the happening of the disaster torn apart from the social fabric as ruthless as the physical infrastructure. In reality, this is a spiritual dent that is firmly embedded and forever shall ring on the minds of the masses and transcending beyond various manmade status in life. Yet this agonizing aftereffect leaves an awkward experience to the urban planners, Policymakers.

According to Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, the analogy here is that the current state of living in Katrina at the bottom of Maslow's law of hierarchy of needs. Thus the Superdome city has become an abyss of suffering, desperation, and despair. The worst tragedy is the mayhem created by hoodlums who crept out from their dark hiding places to their new freedom of looting and raping the helpless vulnerable Katrina Survivors and ignorantly exposing the dark belly of New Orleans. William C Compton (2001)
It is now evident that Environmental catastrophes unfold in different shapes and sizes that cannot be contained by human ingenuity; this can be quantified with the concurrent striking of the tsunami in Katrina, Indonesia, Kobe Japan among many places. Therefore rebuilding Katrina to its former, and better stature goes beyond brick and mortar. Posttraumatic syndromes need a specialized approach in combating the menace. Kolk's classic article, "The Body Keeps the Score," Harvard Review of Psychiatry, Jan-Feb 1994, 253-65). Reports that Trauma alters limbic system structures (involved in various emotions such as aggression, fear, pleasure, and also in the formation of memory) in ways that are not easily corrected through talk or self-reflection. This calls for probing of highly sophisticated positive psychiatry modalities that have the ability to rapidly counter maladaptive hyperarousal in the limbic system. This abolishes the preconceived illusion that is riding on the notions that outlive the materialistic view of food; medical treatment and shelter as the only requirements needed by refugees of Hurricane Katrina.

Energy Psychology Therapy
With limited psychiatry centers, it is, therefore, collective responsibility for a clinical psychiatrist's from myriad backgrounds and the community at large to integrate Energy psychology, a discipline that utilizes cognitive interventions, combined with methods derived from acupuncture, acupressure, and related systems. - In treating emotional and behavioral problems. Historical records indicate that the approach has had a remarkable achievement as a post-trauma psychological intervention in the wake of natural and human disasters in the Congo, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait, Mexico, Moldavia, Nairobi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Thailand and probably it will bring optimistic changes upon the Katrina's. Energy psychology is an approach to psychotherapy and emotional self-management that uses the stimulation of "energy points" on the skin for the purpose of changing specific emotional response patterns (Gallo.F.P 2004).

Stress Debriefing and Cognitive Behavior
This approach was founded and integrated with a response to Oklahoma City bombings in 1995 namely the Green Cross. During Oklahoma’s post-mission healing strategy a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and Cognitive-behavior Therapy, which need to be integrated as a positive campaign in the heart of Katrina, objectively, to intervene natural phases, geared towards achieving long-term healing effects. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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No New Katrina Aid in Bush Budget Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1726 Words.
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