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The Devastation Caused by Hurricane Katrina - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Devastation Caused by Hurricane Katrina" highlights that there is no way to prevent a natural disaster like a hurricane but there are certainly ways to get out of its way or avoid being caught in one. It can certainly be said that an ounce of evacuation is worth a pound of recovery…
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The Devastation Caused by Hurricane Katrina
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Extract of sample "The Devastation Caused by Hurricane Katrina"

Download file to see previous pages The recovery process itself was charged with political debate and a lot of finger-pointing to shift the blame from one party to the other. There have been several bills introduced in the house to aid the recovery process and legislative bill number H.R 4197 (Hurricane Katrina Recovery, Reclamation, Restoration, Reconstruction and Reunion act of 2005) is just one of many. Even though the bill is designed to help people in recovering from the aftermath, there are important issues which the bill does not take into account and could, therefore, become less efficient than it should be.
The simplest way to define the overall problem is that the lawmakers are divided on how to go about helping people at the grassroots levels. The New York Times editorial on March 16, 2005, says that “There are frightening signs coming from Washington that legislators may shortchange distressed homeowners, playing politics as usual with relief funds” (NYT, 2006, A20). President Bush has already stated that the legislatures have reduced funding for the reconstruction of the damaged levees by $1.5 billion and if the reductions continue as they have, there will soon be no money for the deserving victims.
In fact, the victims’ definition of the problem is the easiest to understand. Hurricane Katrina was one the deadliest and the more devastating natural disasters to hit American soil in recorded history. It made landfall in southeast Louisiana on August 29 as the worst hurricane seen in the region. The coastlines of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were hit by the storm, and the surge created by it caused the levees of Lake Pontchartrain to breach. The water from the river and the storm combined to completely flood more than 80% of New Orleans destroying homes, offices, schools and any semblance of civilized life. The victims would like to see their lives restored as much as possible. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Devastation Caused by Hurricane Katrina Coursework.
(The Devastation Caused by Hurricane Katrina Coursework)
The Devastation Caused by Hurricane Katrina Coursework.
“The Devastation Caused by Hurricane Katrina Coursework”.
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