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Discuss the impact of social classes with hurricane katrina and its aftermath - Essay Example

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It lies above the Gulf of Mexico where huge storms build up. The Mississippi river runs through the settlement and the Lake Pontchartrain is situated to its North. Most of all, the city is below sea level. All these factors…
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Discuss the impact of social classes with hurricane katrina and its aftermath
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Download file to see previous pages It flooded the whole of New Orleans as well as the adjoining areas.
The observers of the storm and the survivors both faced severe distress and losses such as property destruction, shortages of fuel, prolonged electricity failures. Many had to evacuate from their homes and resettle in other places. Many people suffered from anxiety disorders together with PSTD and depression which was mostly as a result of watching long television coverage of the storm and its victims. In several researches the results showed that maximum percentage of people who experienced anxiety disorders was solely because of watching the coverage of the storm, looting in particular. Most of the survivors turned towards prayers and religion for seeking refuge from the distress and to cope with the trauma.
More than 28% of the residents of New Orleans lived in extreme poverty. Of those 84% were African Americans. Most of the city’s low income population lived in the flood plain areas which were severely inundated when the canals flooded. The people who had the resources to drain the excess water lived in areas of higher grounds; hence those deprived people living in the lowland areas were harshly struck. It enforced the people to take shelter on the streets, under freeway bridges, in sports arenas as the hurricane left no other option open to them. Food and safe drinking water shortages gave way to theft, murder, violence and also racial aggression as most of those who were terribly affected were Blacks. (UN-HABITAT)
However the privileged class also suffered a major setback as the Hurricane destroyed people’s businesses and the city’s economy. The tourism industry of New Orleans faced a massive setback and people started moving out of the city and the state of Louisiana to look for employment. The survivors were patients to water borne diseases such as dysentery and cholera. Family members were separated from one another and lost contact as they took shelter in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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