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Most young people leave home eventually. Leaving home is a necessary stage in breaking ties to parents and beginning a life as an adult. Unfortunately, many young people are not prepared for the kind of world they will face on their own. They have no real concept of the kind of money, self-discipline, and continuing support they will need to make their first flight from the nest a successful one.
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Moving Away from Home
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Download file to see previous pages Regardless of when children leave the nest, they may not be as prepared as they had hoped to tackle the real world. By living at home, young adults still experience a level of security that is not present in the real world. Most parents do not force their children to pay rent, utilities, or grocery bills leaving their children without a concept of real world expenses. Another problem children may tend to run into is self-discipline in the area of chores and taking care of one's health. It can be easy for such simple matters such as having clean sheets and eating fruits and vegetables to get out of hand without the established pattern of the home. Finally, the first timers can find themselves socially unprepared as well. In a home living situation, parents, siblings, pets, and extended family are constantly present, but are no longer part of a daily routine once a person has moved away from home. Although some of these transitions may cause initial difficulty at first, it is possible for children to prepare for this shock of entering "the real world." Through proper planning and preparation, moving away from home can be financially and emotionally in order to become a fully functional adult.
The most daunting perhaps of the three areas of concern may be financial woes. Children who live at home after high school or college do not face the financial crunch of many newly independent people. Due to this, many young adults may have never been forced to use a budget and stick to it. They may have become accustomed to using their money as they see fit on leisure activities and never taken into account things like rent money, health or car insurance, utilities, grocery bills, gas money, or emergency backup money. Also, the accumulation of things necessary to live on one's own can be expensive, such as buying kitchen utensils and furniture. A newly independent must have a job to cover all of these expenses, which can limit the amount of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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