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Qualitative research report - Essay Example

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Qualitative Research Report Name: Instructor: Course: Date: 1. Introduction This is a research based on analysis of various qualitative interviews as the chosen data collection method among students. The interviews objective is to clearly understand the experiences of different students in the campus in all aspects of life, including social, academic and economic values the students uphold in the university…
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Qualitative research report
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Download file to see previous pages It goes further into exploring the nature of socialization among the students. Qualitative attributes of the students cannot be measured in magnitudes. For example, it is not easy to measure the amount of emotions, love, hatred and happiness (Becker & Geer, 1982). The research explores a set of questions such as: Do students have common feelings and experience in the campus life? How does qualitative attributes of foreign students compare with those of indigenous students? What is the common challenge in the students’ campus experience and what are the aspects that students like most? What are the responses of students about changing environmental location from one specific location to another and also from one university to another? Are there any inherent risks to which the students are exposed to and are there any ways to mitigate or prevent the risks from affecting the lives of the students? The answers to these questions will essentially articulate the objectives of the research and act as the guiding principles to remain relevant to the research topic. This research makes critical comparisons between the various experiences that students have about campus life and their responses. It then analyses the information by converting the data from qualitative to quantitative. This goes through a very complex process of assigning quantities to the qualitative parameters in order to measure the magnitudes of the qualitative responses. The rationale of the research is to use the sample responses to the interviews and show clearly that the students respond to the questions in diverse ways, a fact that will create a variation in the distribution of the information. In the questions and responses, the interviewers are attempting to create atmospheres that enable the interview respondents to be relaxed, confident, honest and openly interactive. 2. Methods This research uses purely qualitative interviews for data collection because the nature of data that it uses for analysis and the entire process is qualitative. The set of questions to which the students are producing responses are open and accept varied description, which cannot be measured. It then falls within the discretion of the research expert to judge and assign certain weights for measuring the effects of the data on the topic of study that we are undertaking. The qualitative interviews are very essential for this research compared to other methods according to Bogdan and Biklen (1982), because it allows the respondents to provide candid information. In quantitative methods, the questions provided are more often closed and restrict the respondents to fixed answers such as “Yes” and “No”, or even numerical responses. This may not provide the exact position of the facts, since they prompt responses that are based on personal prejudices. Qualitative data are easy to manage since they have a high flexibility level regarding the freedom to express opinions (Richards & Richards, 1991). The best target group for our research is the university students for obvious reasons that the research topic is about the experiences that students have in the university. The reason why we restrict ourselves to interviewing students within the campus is that we cannot expect students to go out of the campus to get interviews lest we ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Qualitative Research Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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