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Nursing - Quantitative Crituque - Essay Example

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Qualitative Critique Qualitative research Report Insert Tutor Institution Date Quantitative Critique Title: Metabolic Syndrome in a Multiethnic Sample of School Children: Implications for the Pediatric Nurse The title is significant because it is consistent with the information available in the article…
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Nursing - Quantitative Crituque
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Download file to see previous pages Abstract The abstract was clearly structured in a way that it provides a precise summary of the content in the article. The problem is well defined, the method of research well stated and the findings stated. The abstract also provides a glimpse of the conclusion of the paper giving a clear depiction of what is contained in the article. Introduction The introduction is well structured and gives a summative outline of the content. However, it could have been more detailed particularly in describing the risk factors of metabolic syndrome in adults. It only explained the risk factors of the syndrome in children. However, it gives a concise explanation of the lifestyle factors that play a part in enhancing metabolic syndrome in people. The problem is clearly stated and easily recognized because it builds a persuasive discussion of the study. The problem has a massive impact on nurses because they are able to realize how metabolic syndrome has affected the American people (McGillis, Massey and Amstrong et al., 2007). The blend between the method of research and the findings is appropriate. Hypothesis and or research questions The research questions are well structured because they led to accurate outcomes that were expected. The hypothesis, on the other hand, are not clearly stated and extensively outlined because they do not cover the concept of metabolic syndrome as outlined in the context. ...
Conceptual/Theoretical Framework The article contains an appropriate theoretical framework that is well-defined scope because it led to considerable scope of outcome that was anticipated. For instance, the framework outlined the different types of doctorate and nursing students who came to undertake the study as well as the age bracket of the students involved which was 9 to 15 years (McGillis, Massey and Amstrong et al., 2007). It also outlined concepts such as, lifestyle factors that contribute to metabolic syndrome and operational descriptions such as the low HDL, hypertension and overweight. Method The procedure used was appropriate because it focused on the findings that were required. It encompassed student doctors and nurses who were familiar with the aspect of metabolic syndrome and the purpose of the study as well as their anticipation. The group also encompassed a phlebotomist, a dietitian and dietetic student. The study was structured well in a manner that all the risks that usually occur were minimal. The design used was rigorous because it was consistent with the purpose of the research. The comparisons involved were also suitable because they fostered the interpretation of the outcomes. Each of the doctorate and nursing student undertook their duties well because the outcome was incredible. For example, the phlebotomist undertook the blood draw of children after they had fasted for at least 10 hours. The adolescent questionnaire was used to collect the dietary data on the selected children (McGillis, Massey and Amstrong et al., 2007). The population was well described in the sample population and the sampling design used was the best because it met its purpose. The doctorate and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing - Quantitative Crituque Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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