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Running Head: QUALITATIVE RESEARCH APPRAISAL Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Abstract This research focuses on the aspect of horizontal violence experienced by nursing students in professional settings, especially during work-based earning programs. Information indicates that limited information is available regarding the issue of horizontal violence among the nursing population…
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Qualitative Research Report Summary & Critical Appraisal
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Download file to see previous pages The research article highlights that horizontal violence is practical within nursing placement exercises. According to Bowen, Curtis and Reid (2007), analysis of qualitative data indicates that more that 50% of the respondents have experienced, or at least witnessed this kind of violence in their practices. As a result, the article simulates appropriate and informed recommendation strategies meant to minimize the effect of horizontal violence on students undertaking bachelor of nursing degree course. Background The article states that in the context of nursing, horizontal violence refers to situations characterized by aggression or bullying within professional settings. Bowen et al., (2007) states that horizontal violence occurs between distinct groups whereby members from one superior group molest those students within work-based learning practices. Within the nursing practice, horizontal violence takes forms like intimidations, inequitable practices, and harassment among other acts of violence. Despite the shallowness of past research studies, this information indicate that nurses are in constant direct or indirect assault from professional workers, patients or even relatives of patients within a healthcare facility. In this context, the research question seeks to analyze the nature and influence of horizontal violence of career choices of nursing students after graduation. Significance of the Study One significance of the study focuses on student attrition. In career development, experience during work-based placements influence a student’s choice of employment after their graduation from universities. Bowen et al., (2007) says that in the recent past, cases of horizontal violence seems to increase job dissatisfaction; hence affecting performance within the nursing practice. In Australia, horizontal violence features as the main reason for increasing employee turnover in most nursing facilities. In the long run, increased turnover causes a severe shortage of nurses; hence inviting a crisis within the healthcare industry. In addition, turnover presents an economic effect to education funding agencies like governments. In New Zealand, the government commits approximately $48,000 in educating one nurse through a university system. Bowen et al., (2007) agrees that from an economic perspective, it would be suitable to ensure the health care industry retains trained nurses after their integration into professional fields. In this regard, the research article in subject seeks to appraise the nature of the problem, and supplement suitable recommendations meant to address horizontal violence in nursing. Research Methodology The research article adopted a qualitative research methodology in the collection of data from actual students within the nursing career development. In this case, one characteristic feature of qualitative research method involves the use of focus groups in acquiring data. Researchers focused specifically on 2nd and 3rd year nursing students during questionnaire sessions. Burns and Grove (2011) states that with respect to design, the article adopted a qualitative survey research through administration of questionnaires to participants. Data collected included written descriptions from the students providing their perspectives on some specified questions contained in the survey papers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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