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Theory Of Social Penetration: Breakfast Club Movie - Essay Example

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An essay "Theory Of Social Penetration: Breakfast Club Movie" claims that social penetration theory gives a description of human beings as those made up of onion layers. Each layer is a representation of person’s character and eagerness towards self-disclosure of information…
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Theory Of Social Penetration: Breakfast Club Movie
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Download file to see previous pages The student’s reliability is quite low due to the lengthy delay in making crucial decisions. The rate of accuracy displayed in such kind of person’s performance is considered below expectations. Living in isolation for fairly long time affects the assurance factor on performance.There is no sense of credibility since the person appears non-apologetic even amidst mistakes. The tangible factors within this chapter involve the level of stewardship displayed based on faithfulness in time, integrity and morality. Such people consider themselves as outcasts hence require empathy most of the time. The character does not allow such individual to attend to other peoples’ needs hence no assurance or hope for future. First meeting with strangers does not always involve openness to each other, which is a different case to those we are familiar with. Occasions of openness to one another is often preceded by getting deeper information concerning the other party, which can be through social settings. Such encounter reveals both acceptable and unacceptable information about oneself which determines kind of relationship developed. Breakfast club film evaluates the theory of social penetration where there is a revelation that fears surrounding one’s introduction of true self can be overcome through diligence cultivation. The movie focuses on high school students always attending Saturday detention for social purposes. The students involved differ completely in character based on their background affiliations....
They are made silent for eight hours within a library and allowed to write composition concerning their identities. Ultimately, the film portrays student’s ignorance since they become non-attentive to instructions hence indulge in other activities such as dancing, smoking and making fun throughout the day (Hughes, 1985). The occasion leads to creation of social environment which could otherwise been absent had they not been locked up together. They come to learn about one another and hence developed relationships. The students discover that they had been thrown into a vicious cycle of acting hence trying to win acceptance from people around them. The theory of social penetration is revealed when the students resort to giving information concerning them hence knowing each other better. In the first development all students are quit and cautious on their words as they speak to each other. However, at the end of the day, stereotypes are broken and as noted earlier, the ‘onion core’ is exposed making them realize their point of commonality. All students feel like they are doing one thing which involves desire to be accepted and wanted by the society. This drives them towards adopting desperate measures for the purposes of ensuring their desires are met. Such behaviors drive them towards social responsibility of being accepted in school and their families (Hughes, 1985). In “ex. fits theory” the ability of having quality character traits resides in a person’s ability to be disciplined through every domain and stage in life. Such a character enables an individual to be a team player enabling reinforcement of service capabilities. Being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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