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Psychoanalysis of the Fight Club - Movie Review Example

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The main character (narrator) played by Richard Norton starts the movie with his clear description of his conventional working life. Technically, the movie goes on a circling motion starting from the end and goes back through flashbacking to explain how things did happen…
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Psychoanalysis of the Movie Fight Club
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Download file to see previous pages He thinks too much too deeply of something that he was not able to sleep for several months - an apparent indication of the disease.
Furthermore, the main character was also tired of doing things again and again (as part of his daily working life). Though it doesn't affect other people (i.e. no negative effect of OCD), he considers his life to be weird despite all of what he had and what he had become. He is living in a life that most people have dreamed of. A gallant job in a major automobile company working as a recall coordinator, he had almost everything a man needs which defines him as a person - decent work with decent compensation and he had his luxurious condo which he considers as close-to-being-complete material life. However, it seems like he wasn't satisfied and happy with what he had that he looks for something out of his traditional routine. This is the first turning point in the movie where the narrator thought that support seminars were working out for his insomnia until a woman (Marla Singer) came out from nowhere and ruined his concentration and everything that he is on. Marla would fulfill the narrator's sexual fetish through his unconscious personality (i.e. Tyler).
Another turning point of the movie, and an important event as well, was when the narrator had wished that someday he'd wake up a different person in a different place. At this moment, it is his unconscious mind taking over the scene. There is also an apparent underlying principle of choosing Tyler (Brad Pitt) as his "alter ego" or his unconscious being. Deep inside the narrator's unconscious mind is his wish for a well-built physical body that he isn't. At first, meeting Tyler was not the "change" that he is expecting along the way. It was just same other people coming along his way and meant nothing for a change. But as a fateful event shattered his most precious possession (the condo), he turns his interest to his unconscious being (to Tyler). Prior to such incident, he was living in too much care for what he has and what he is, a characteristic inhibited by being too Eros minded.
From then on, the main character would eventually be influenced by Tyler's view of life. "Things you own, end up owning you", a particular line uttered by Tyler as he was sharing out his viewpoint of the main character's fateful experience. As they get along with each other, they founded the "fight club", which unconsciously came into his mind after his self-discovery that fighting means freedom that let him out from loneliness. In a way, fight club became an escape for people seeking independence out from their own lives (Oedipal Conflict). Nevertheless, the main character frequently shows struggle and consciousness of what is happening and tries to look back to his proper life. But every time he does so, his unconscious (i.e. Tyler) would get in between persuading him to give up his "flaming worldly possessions".
The narrator ends the story in a sensible way. He finally understands the undesirable dominance of his unconscious mind taking over almost his entire decisions. Though his final action and resolution were too late to stop its undesirable effect, he at least finds a solution to end and eliminate his unconscious mind, desire, and personality for good.
The fight club movie implies many important things that life has to offer. It helps people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Psychoanalysis of the Movie Fight Club Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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