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Life Plan and Personality Development: Bill Gates Life Plan and Personality Development: Bill Gates Bill Gates is a successful business personality, an inspiration for people all around the world…
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Life Span Development and Personality paper
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, what he became and how he accommodates his thinking capabilities regarding innovations in his field of work to his entrepreneurship skills have also been highlighted in this paper. Bill Gates was born on October 28th, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. His parents were professionals; his father was a renowned lawyer and mother was a member of the board of First Interstate Bank and also the United Way (Gates, Domonkos, Myhhrvold, & Rinearson, 2008). Gates has two sisters, Kristi (Kristianne) who is older than him and Libby who is younger than him. Gates came from an upper middle class family and therefore, he had a chance to enjoy strong financial background with few worries about life. His family always encouraged him to participate in competition and to compete for excellence in life. Bill’s family teaching developed his competitive skills and his determination was visible in his early age. He appreciated playing board games, as taking risk was his favorite challenge (Gates, Domonkos, Myhhrvold, & Rinearson, 2008). His skills and consciousness helped him develop his skills in monopolizing in a given situation. Bill had a keen interest in books since his childhood; he spent many hours searching reference books such as the encyclopedia for a specific topic to perform different kinds of research. At the age of 12, a different type of behavior of Bill Gates was more evident; this drew attention and concerns of Bill’s parents (Gates, Domonkos, Myhhrvold, & Rinearson, 2008). Bill was bored and withdrawn at times, though he was doing well at school. Bill’s parents preferred public education systems for Bill, but his behavior made his parents anxious, as they were afraid that Bills might become loner. Bill Gate’s excellence and hard work was reflected at his elementary school, as he achieved high grades in science and mathematics (Lesinski, 2009). During his schooling at Lakeside School, he was offered computer lessons. The Mother’s Club used its school’s earnings to purchase a Teletype terminal for students to use. Gates became fascinated and started discovering on what a computer could do. Bills developed a program in BASIC language through which users were able to play against other computer. His increasing interest in computers set out his meeting with Paul Allen who was two years senior to him. Both of them had a common interest in computer programming which made them fast friends (Sherman, 2000). Bill’s keen interest and knowledge in the field of computer was growing; this was reflected through his eagerness and curiosity in computer studies in school. At the age of fifteen in the year 1970, Bill Gates and Paul Allen started business. They developed “Traf-o-Data,” which was designed and developed to monitor the traffic in Seattle and predict any patterns, which were common in it. For this project, they received a good amount of $20,000 (Gates, Domonkos, Myhhrvold, & Rinearson, 2008). Slowly they both had a desire to introduce their own company, but they could not do so because Bill’s parents wanted him to become a lawyer and this is the reason why he graduated from Lakeside in 1973. He got enrolled at Harvard University with a motive to become a lawyer. But as his interest in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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