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Careers Research Study - Essay Example

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The paper will make assessment by applying the Personality Type from the Type Dynamics Indicator as well as the Edgar Schein’s typology. …
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Careers Research Study
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, it will vehemently be supportive in respect of presenting a report while identifying my objectives in life on the foundations of my innate talent and ascribed command over different disciplines and areas. I will make assessment by applying the Personality Type from the Type Dynamics Indicator as well as the Edgar Schein’s typology. Consequently, the results would indicate my future career job by making assessment of all the areas relevant to my inclination, studies, experiences, proficiency and the opportunities available in the job market, and it will assure my sonorous entry in the job market as professional. Before embarking upon the topic under analysis, it would be quite apposite to explore the notion career. The term career simply states the occupation or profession that one chooses or adopts, generally for a long time, on the basis of nature and level of his education as well as the dexterity, experience and aptitude gained during student or professional life, which keeps him busy, active and productive on the one hand and earns financial gains, recognition, growth and advancements for him within a social establishments on the other. “Career has been”, Coupland argues, “described as being in relationship with identity and providing a residual trace of the individual’s relationship with work. Career as a strategic plan is denied, yet negotiated as a legitimate, even desirable, behaviour of the employing organisation.” (2002, p.1) Almost every individual is directly or indirectly attached with one occupation or more in the pursuit of fulfilling his personal, domestic and financial needs. Affiliation with a career is not only important for the individuals, but also it is extremely necessary for the collective development of society. Furthermore, leading a respectable, comfortable and luxurious life is the dream of every human that requires sincere efforts towards the right directions for achieving a large proportion of what man has planned and dreamed of in life. It is career that provides humans divergent chances in life to learn, grow and earn to give a practical form to his ideas and imagination. However, sometimes it so happens that individuals fail to gain the results against the hard work they have made and the efforts they have exercised for the fulfilment of their wishes and desires. Consequently, an overwhelming majority starts rebuking destiny and fate without taking their error of judgement as well as the mistakes they have committed during the course of the time they have invested in one task or the other. It is actually because of the struggle, though observed dedicatedly, towards the wrong direction, which earns mere disappointment and despair in its wake. It is therefore the psychologists and strategic analysts vehemently lay stress upon the personality exploration with the help of SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, TDI and several other personality assessments tests, which draw out the exact picture of the personality without keeping the individual in delusion about him. Furthermore, since it is career that bestows recognition and prestige upon the individuals, selection of accurate profession is the only way to succeed in life. It is fact that the professionals undergo identity problem during the very initial years of career life, as Erikson submits that persons in the initial stage, which he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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