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The common drivers contributing to employees satisfaction at late career stage - Research Proposal Example

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A person’s career passes through different stages and as the progression takes place in career, the overall level of motivation as well as the level of involvement changes. Those motivators which were key factors behind the career progression may not remain as important as…
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The common drivers contributing to employees satisfaction at late career stage
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Extract of sample "The common drivers contributing to employees satisfaction at late career stage"

Download file to see previous pages It is therefore critical for organizations to understand and outline what actually motivates employees working at the later stage of their career.
This research study will focus on understanding and exploring as to what actually motivates employees working at the later stage of their careers. Employee motivation has been one of the hotly debated and discussed topics in academic literature with many theoretical underpinnings outlining as to what actually motivates an employee throughout his or her career. From Maslow’s theory of hierarchy to latest research on the topic indicates the overall importance of motivation within an organization.
It is however, critical to note that every organization contains a mix of employees belonging to different age groups and career stages. Motivation drivers for employees working at three different stages of the career therefore may be different as compared to the motivators for employees at the early or mid-stage career. (Dwyer, 2009)
Each employee pass through three different phases of career i.e. start, mid and later stage and at each stage, the level of motivation and motivators change because employee needs change with the passage of time. As a person ascends on the hierarchy of needs, the nature of motivators change and employees look for different and unique ways to get themselves motivated and generate the level of job satisfaction required to retain the job.
The overall research problem is based upon understanding and exploring as to what are the key and common drivers of motivation and job satisfaction for employees working at the later stage of their career.
As outlined above, the motivation and education needs of employees at three different stages of their career are different. The overall research objective therefore is to explore and assess as to what motivates employees who are at the later ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Common Drivers Contributing to Employees Satisfaction at Late Research Proposal.
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