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Is situational awareness play an important role to driving safety, how can it be measured and will it be effected by navigation - Dissertation Example

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Does situational awareness play an important role to driving safety, how can it be measured and will it be effected by navigation system in cockpit? Situational awareness plays the most crucial role in driving safety, be it a pilot flying a jet, a technician lifting logs with a crane or an ordinary citizen going to his office in a car…
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Is situational awareness play an important role to driving safety, how can it be measured and will it be effected by navigation
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Extract of sample "Is situational awareness play an important role to driving safety, how can it be measured and will it be effected by navigation"

Download file to see previous pages SA plays an important role in driving safety; it is only common sense to understand why and how. When an ordinary people take out their car/bike from the garage of their homes on to the road, they need to be ‘aware’ of their surroundings. They need to do complex calculations about speed, timing and distance in a matter of microseconds to safely drive their vehicle. Without being aware of the ‘situation’ they are more susceptible to accidents, causing injuries to others and to their own bodies. SA becomes even more crucial when the same scenario of driving a car is applied to a person driving a bus full of people. Now this person is responsible for all the people taking a ride in the bus as well as anyone on the road that may get involved in a probable accident. Experts consider air traffic controlling as one of the toughest jobs on earth, and the person sitting in the cockpit of a plane is a part of that job. Flight instructors and seasoned pilots are of the belief that a pilot conducts a safe flight when he has ‘the big picture’, and when things go wrong in the cockpit due to pilot’s mistake, there are some parts missing in the pilot’s ‘big picture’ (Uhlarik & Comerford, 2002). ...
SA is a psychological paradigm that is not directly observable and ‘operation definition’ is not something defined unanimously; there is considerable disagreement in its definition. SA also has aspects that are similar to other tasks, for instance it also incorporates workload; the greater the workload the more complex the ‘situation’ is to be ‘aware’ of. Moreover there is a direct link between the amount/number of equipment to be assessed and the complexity of SA. This can be exemplified by a simple analogy; a person driving a car early in the morning when the sun has just appeared, is more relaxed as there is hardly any traffic involved. Add the availability of time to the same scenario and the person will not have to do any complex calculations, such as; taking the shortest route or manoeuvring between cars. Compare this to driving during the rush hours, where there is traffic and frustration is hammering on brain nerves, and the boss will get angry if traffic holds up any longer. The driver needs to do all sorts of driving feats to get through the traffic; that is additional work load, the same road turns into a war zone; the SA factors are increased manifolds. SA is very complex in terms of measuring; many myriads of techniques have been developed to measure it but none of these meet the criteria like; sensitivity, unobtrusiveness, selectivity, bandwidth, reliability and diagnosticity (O’Donnell & Eggemeier, 1986). The subject is too complicated that there is not a unanimous consensus on its scope and definition yet. However, the most common definition used over the world about SA is close to the one described at the very start of this paper; “situation awareness is the perception of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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