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Cell Phone Usage and Texting While Driving - Assignment Example

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This paper 'Cell Phone Usage and Texting While Driving" focuses on the fact that driving while texting is a public safety issue, that needs adequate attention. The problem has been accelerated as more teenagers and adults with texting habits become drivers that are licensed. …
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Cell Phone Usage and Texting While Driving
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Extract of sample "Cell Phone Usage and Texting While Driving"

Download file to see previous pages Annually, millions of people globally lose their lives in an accident triggered via the use of cell phone. Despite the dangers of texting or talking on a cell phone by individuals well known, people are so ignorant and do not want to listen to the government pleas of eliminating phone usage while driving. As a matter of fact, most people value the calls and texts more in comparison to their lives and other lives of innocent people using the road. Given the fact that cell phone usage whilst driving prohibition has worked for some various states, the majority of individuals are too ignorant to pay attention to the prohibition. Driving and cell phone usage are not compatible just like driving and alcohol. The combination of the two only results to endangering one’s life and other innocent people as well. Therefore, irrespective of whether an individual state has legally prohibited it or not, individuals should put a stop to cell phone usage while driving. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to provide solutions to the above problem by stating the advantages of banning cell phone usage/ texting while driving.

Solutions can only be suggested after the various state governments and people understand the consequences that are accompanied by using of cell phone while driving. It is true that driving needs a lot of concentration, precision and judgment. Any alteration of these abilities can expose an individual to an extreme danger (Reddick, 2009). When an individual uses a cell phone, his or her concentration gets shifted from the road to what is being discussed over the phone. As a result, an individual may not notice a vehicle making a change on the lane, or a vehicle speeding from the opposite direction thus causing an accident via colliding heads with it. Pedestrians hitting is the most severe offence that is culpable that an individual can commit while using a cell phone and at the same time driving.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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