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Cell Phone Usage and Texting While Driving - Assignment Example

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This essay describes the issue of cell-phone usage while driving and possible fatal situations it may cause. The researcher also discusses of alternative and safer ways such as the use of modern technologies while driving, awareness creation and banning such behavior by various state governments…
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Cell Phone Usage and Texting While Driving
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"Cell Phone Usage and Texting While Driving"

Download file to see previous pages When an individual uses a cell phone, his or her concentration gets shifted from the road to what is being discussed over the phone. As a result, an individual may not notice a vehicle making a change on the lane, or a vehicle speeding from the opposite direction thus causing an accident via colliding heads with it. Pedestrians hitting is the most severe offence that is culpable that an individual can commit while using a cell phone and at the same time driving. The use of hand free gadgets not necessarily limits an individual chance of causing an accident in any manner. Various researches and studies have proved the statement. Playing mobile games and texting while driving is a perfect example of behaviors that are irresponsible characterized by the users of cell phones. The behavior least acceptable is the receiving of emergency calls in situations that are certain. On the contrary, there are no justifications for gaming or texting on the phone in whatever situation. That is why various solutions have been put across to curb such a behavior. Solutions are such as banning the activity, exerting peer pressure and raising awareness and safety improvement through technology use. Cell Phone Use Ban While Driving Globally, several countries have banned the usage of cell phone while driving on the public roads. For instance, in the United States of America, various states have entirely prohibited the cell phone usage while driving. On the other hand, some states have partially banned the usage of cell phones while driving. This means that, the banning is imposed upon specific vehicles such as vehicles used for public transport and buses. In some cases, the ban might prevail in areas that are specific including residential neighborhoods downtown...
This essay focuses mostly on cell phones that have played a significant role in our lives today. The researcher analyzes modern usage of cell-phones while driving topic and states that utilization of cell phones while driving can result to fatal or dangerous outcome on the public roads. In essence the trend of diving while texting have rapidly increased. Driving and cell phone usage are not compatible just like driving and alcohol. The combination of the two only results to endangering one’s life and other innocent people as well. Thus, the purpose of this essay is to provide solutions to the above problem via stating the advantages of banning cell phone usage/ texting while driving. From researches conducted, it is obvious that texting while driving has severe consequences. This is because of their potential to eliminate the magnitude of cognitive, visual and manual destruction that occurs as a result of receiving or sending text messages. Safety automotive technologies such as cross-traffic alerts, warning systems in case of collision, stability control that is electronic and change indicators in road lanes will enhance the mitigation the driver inattention consequences. Finally, children, parents, community leaders and professional in the insurance industry have a role to play in ending this habit. In conclusion, the researcher sums up that it is not acceptable socially to drive in absence of a seat belt or drive when you are drunk, the same should be applied to texting while driving. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Banning texting while driving consider the present literature that concerns texting while driving to understand the present status of the problem and the danger that looms around it. Literature Review: According to researchers any type of mobile use while driving that includes talking over phone, texting and that even through hands free technology is dangerous and deadly. According to David Strayer who is a Professor of Psychology at University of Utah a mere 2% of the population is capable of multitasking with absolute safety. This finding clearly portrays the high risk exposure of the remaining 98% of the population if they resort to...
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...? NO TEXTING ON YOUR CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING you are writing paper for (Your teacher’s due 1 Introduction Usage of cell phone has become very common nowadays. It has proved to be very beneficial to the people in relation to communication. But, one of its negative aspects which is harming the overall economy is using cell phones for texting while driving, which is commonly referred to as distracted driving. Presently, using cell phones for texting...
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...? Position Paper- Driving While Texting Driving While Texting Introduction Technology has integrated deeply in the lives of humans. The degree of incorporation of technology is so extensive that it has been transformed from a luxury to a perceived necessity. Cell phones are also such inventions that have made man slaves by controlling their minds and actions. Immediate interaction with friends and family through a diverse range of modes (video calling, text messages, picture messages, voice messages) has proven to be contagious for mankind. Such interactions bear consequential instances...
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... lower on their laps to avoid detection, this way they will be escalating the risk to cause accidents with the devices thus concealed (Sollisch). Works Cited “Driver Electronic Device Use in 2010.” Traffic Safety Fact/US Department of transportations. 2011. Web. 3 Dec. 2012 "Nationwide Insurance Supports National Ban on Texting while Driving TWD." Life Science Weekly (2009): 2843. “Cell Phone and Texting Laws” Governers Highway Safety Association(GHSA) . December 2012. Web 3... In recent times, mobile telephony has enabled significant steps forward in the field of communication and human interaction. Thanks to mobile phones, one can call and text from just anywhere and alongside other activities;...
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...research and statistical data as well as logical reasoning that texting while driving is a dangerous practice that needs to be curbed with all urgency. Due to the increased availability of mobile phones and other hand held devices; texting and driving has been on the increase in the last few years; studies have attested to the increasing number of accidents related to texting. Statistics reveal that in the year 2009 more than 54,000 people died, as a result of distractions while driving with 240 000 being injured as a result of the same (“Injury Prevention & Control…"). This resulted to...
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...% of the surveyed subjects considered texting while driving to be an ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ distracting act. Another study by the AAA (American Automobile Association) showed that 46% of surveyed teenagers admitted that they have been distracted at some point while driving because of texting. This distraction rates are worrying because according to a Pew review at least 40% of all American teenagers state that they have been in a car driven by a driver that was using a cell phone in a manner that put the passengers and bystanders in danger (PEW Research Centre 6). According to Virginia Tech Transportation...
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...Cellular Phone Usage while Driving: Exploring Driver Inattention August 29, 2006 Table of Contents Cellular Phone and Driving-The Statistics 3 Understanding Driver Inattention 6 Challenges of Driver Inattention 8 Conclusion 10 Annotated Bibliography 12 References 14 Driving distraction has been a focus of study since the early1900's when researchers examined the 'hypnotic effect' of windshield wipers (Curry 2002). The concept of safety and 'paying attention' then is not a new concept, it has been a focus of research since the use of vehicles began. In the multi-media age, people use cell...
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...888 County Rd 19 Whitesville, NY 14897 April 29, 2008 David Ropeik Director of Risk Communication Harvard Center for Risk Analysis 401 Park Dr. Boston, M.A 02215 Dear Mr. Ropeik: Please find enclosed an essay entitled "Should Drivers of Automobiles be Prohibited from Using Cellular Phones" for posting on the Harvard Centre for Risk Analysis website. The increasing number of accidents caused by cell phone usage while driving has sparked a debate calling for its prohibition. It is a well documented fact that driver distraction is the major cause of most accidents. A number of studies including one published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology have shown that engaging in conversation while driving reduced the attention paid... to the...
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.... Interestingly, I plan to have a mentor from the training institution to help me through the learning process. Although there are many things to be done, I plan to engage the initiatives one by one. I have undertaken an initiative to switch off the phone while driving to avoid the temptation of communicating through texting. I have also shifted from texting to safer methods of communication such as making calls as opposed to texting. With the use of blue-tooth technology and wireless communication device, I can now call without physically handling my cellphone. Secondly, I have programmed my cellphone to voice message when I am...
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...Ban texting while driving Introduction Texting while driving can be defined as composing, sending, reading e-mails and text messages or making use of the mobile phone features like the web while operating a motor vehicle (MacKinnon, 295). The issue of banning texting while driving has attracted an intense debate with the proponents asserting that is should be implemented to curb road accidents and opponents asserting that it is unenforceable and interferes with privacy of individuals. This practice has been viewed by many transportation...
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