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Name of of Professor Class Date Affect in the Modern World Part of what I recognized from the reading is that many people talk about things that they do not have any education about. What struck me was that on the one hand, there were so many people talking against gay people in the first article and then education about gays was given in the second article…
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Download file to see previous pages I am not sure how these authors affect the modern world, but the article by Cahill and Burack puts the emphasis on the Christian viewpoint of gay marriage. After all these many years, the Christians are still saying that it is a sin and that people should not allow gay marriage because it is a sin. The Christian viewpoint uses the Bible heavily, which I think is not a good source of explanation. The point is that gay people are redefining relationships in some ways but it is not redefining marriage at all. I think that these types of articles do not shed light on how the heterosexual population can associate with the heterosexual population and get along well. An interesting point inferred in the Cahill and Burack but stated in the Mohr article is how ignorant the world is about gay issues, largely because just talking about it is a taboo subject. This was interesting because it seems that most of America thought that gays would go away if they did not talk about them. Another point that is made is that there are many stereotypes about gays around the country that create anti-gay problems out of ignorance. Both articles point out the ignorance issue, one with the actual ignorance stated, while Cahill and Burack discuss situations that show to the reader how ignorant the concepts and ideas of several Christian organizations became over time. Unfortunately many people say that they do not have friends or family who are gay, but in reality, this may not be true. Instead, the people talking may not have created an environment where their gay friends or family feel comfortable letting them know that they are gay. Family and friends must not only accept the gay person, but also the gay person’s gay friends and their gay lifestyle in general. They will expect to hear about the loves and likes of their gay friend or family member and this can be more than some heterosexual people can bear. As a country, we have only seen gays as they are perceived on television and we know less about them based on how others perceive them who are anti-gay. Gays have been attempting to legalize their unions for many years, but a small minority of people, usually religious in nature, is opposed to this because they say it takes away from “real” marriage. They ignore the fact that many heterosexual marriages end in divorce, and they ignore the fact that a majority of gay people have been together for over 10 years, raise children who are healthy, attend church, and raise their children to be good citizens. Mohr quotes a lot from Bishop Boone, who wants to be known as someone who is telling the truth about gays. However, he is more expressing his hatred that is laced with ignorance. Boone stated that he is “driven by god on this” (Mohr 4). When I thought about this, I had to ask myself if I would want to follow a god who had this much hatred for other people. I think this is what happens when people try to speak for God instead of really understanding what was said. Certainly God would not tell people to go out and speak hatred towards any group of people. Both articles speak to the idea that being gay is unnatural. Which means to the new world that one should take this conservative view and follow them, as any other thought is not worth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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