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 In the essay “Communication problem of an international student” the author discusses his difficulties of being an international student studying in the United States of America. The difficult time passes away but it always leaves a lesson…
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Communication problem of an international student
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Communication problem of an international student
Everybody faces different problems and issues in their life. The difficult time passes away but it always leaves a lesson for the person and a successful person is one who learns from these experiences. I also went through such an experience which changed my way of thinking and made me learn a lot of things that I had previously overlooked.
I am an international student studying in the United States of America in a university. I was already having a difficult time at university because I did not have a very good command over English. Moreover the place was new for me and I had to adjust and adapt to the new surroundings and the new way of life. I was away from home as well and I missed my family and friends. With all these problems already going on I ended up in a great deal of trouble again. The whole problem started when I was driving my friend to the airport. I dropped my friend off and was on my way back to the hostel. I was driving and had just reached the airport toll when I realized that a police car was coming behind me and it was signaling me to stop. I did not understand what was wrong though I did sense some great problem ahead. I pulled over and two policemen came out of the car. They came forward and started telling me that I had crossed the speed limit set for that road. They fined me and they started telling me other formalities. I was very confused because I had never ended in such a trouble before and also because I was having a communication problem with them due to my weak English. The policemen thought that I did not understand the seriousness of the issue and I was given the punishment of attending court the next day. I was very scared because this was the first time that I had been caught by police and on top of that I had actually ended myself in deep trouble and would have to attend court. The next day in court was as difficult as was the experience with the policemen. I was fined heavily and was asked to submit my apology. I complied with the court orders because I did not want anymore issues to arise.
This experience was a very difficult one for me. I felt ashamed and guilty that I had not even realized that I was over speeding and had actually committed an offence. I had informed my family back home as well and they were very worried about my safety as well. But most of all this experience helped me mould myself. I learnt that it was essential to check for the laws of the country that I am staying in. I was very careful after this never to over speed again. I started taking English classes and working hard on improving my language skills. This was because I needed to know English not only for proper communication but also for studying and performing well at university. Read More
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