Effects of the Internet on College Students - Literature review Example

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The Internet has become an integral component of almost every aspect of modern human life.With only a click of a button,the 21st century generation can secure,analyze and share heart-retching information not with one or two,but the world at large;an undertaking hitherto a cumbersome process that would probably take a century to accomplish…
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Effects of the Internet on College Students
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Download file to see previous pages The Internet has become an integral component of almost every aspect of modern human life.With only a click of a button,the 21st century generation can secure,analyze and share heart-retching information not with one or two,but the world at large;an undertaking hitherto a cumbersome process that would probably take a century to accomplish. Indeed, the internet has provided an interactive medium where individuals can explore the world with the opportunistic comfort of mobility, accuracy and speed. Never in history has the scope of information-search, learning and communication been so expansive with limitless opportunities that capture almost every imaginable topic, from casual romantic experiences to more serious, catalytic issues of business and livelihood sustenance (Ceyhan, 2011; Davis 2007; White, 2007). Hannay (2004) hit the nail on the head by using an analogy of a son who visits the library only to consume the serene environment meant for purposeful learning, but not the facilities therein; for the internet is fast eliminating/converting yesterday’s conventional research methodology into virtual libraries that no longer permit the old documents and big hardbound books. As of June 2012, approximately 2.4 billion people [a third of the world’s population] were considered internet savvy (Internet World Stats, 2012). Occupying an age bracket that connects childhood and adulthood, college students are a unique lot that have no doubt driven much of the modern social changes since World War II. This group, consisting of teenagers and young adults in their early twenties, was the pioneer large scale users of the internet to communicate, shale files and more so as a hobby in mobile locations. To be sure, the internet technology and its subsequent usage became widespread in the 1990s in many ways as a direct consequence of research by academics. Thus, while many are merely consumers, college students [as a group] are better labeled pioneer innovators; for quite a huge chunk of the internet tools such as Yahoo! and You-tube were actually invented by this generational revolutionaries. Pressurized by behavioral changing environments, college life, even with the ubiquitous technology, can be a challenging adventure, particularly for fresh students who may get lured into undue, self-destructive experimentations. It is clear, from the literature adduced herein, that the impact of the internet usage among the college students has been an emotive, controversial topic generating varied opinions from a wide array of scholarly articles globally. Indeed, while regarded as a fantastic opportunity with valuable assets, anecdotal evidence has never been so persistent with reports of ever increasing frequency of harassment, stalking as well as child pornography reaching right into the very remote comfort zones of the students (Durkin, 1997). In fact, the consistency of the mainstream media’s repeated inferences of the internet as a harmful technology that impairs social interaction, increasing chronic depression and other clinical disorders more than illuminates the topic at hand (CBS News, 2007; Geldof, 2007). With reports indicative that 89 percent of young individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 increasingly getting hooked into daily internet usage, the effects seems to be shrouded in mix fortunes that borders the extremes (Jones & Fox, 2009, p. 2). Insights from the Current Literature That the growth in technology has permitted Internet usage for practically everything is but a foregone conclusion. Internet use in modern colleges is not only prevalent, but a necessity. Hendel and Harrold’s research (2004) reports that the amount of time spent online by college students had significantly increased between the years 1996 and 2001, and that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Effects of the Internet on College Students Literature Review”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/psychology/1472868-effects-of-the-internet-on-college-students.
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