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American college student - Assignment Example

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Student Development in College Name: Institution: Student Development in College Question 3 Developing a strength based theory to help students and other stakeholders improve the students’ course experiences is extremely important. Some of these theories include Schlossberg’s Transition Theory…
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American college student
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Download file to see previous pages This is a psychosocial theory that is developed on four pillars that include situation, self, strategy and support (Isaacson, 2008). This psychosocial theory helps individuals be able to address issues in their lives since they aid people to determine what and how they would love to live their lives thereafter. Collaborating with other institutions around the college that provide services relevant to the courses that the students are undertaking is also vital in training them how to work in their respective fields. This can be coupled with Kuh’s collaborative assignments and projects. Kuh (2008) says that they help students learn how to work as well as sharpen their ability to grasp things and work while incorporating other people’s ideas in order to produce fine-tuned results. Kuh (2008) states that this is done through ways like “study groups, assignments done in groups, and projects and research work done cooperatively”. This also helps cement the place of the college within the community and among the stakeholders if the students come out better people, thus; the college reputation remains good for a long time. Question 2 Creating a program that will enable students to achieve at least two of Kuh’s high-impact educational practices, it is imperative to include all the students. Programs aimed at a more tenured faculty with a better faculty student interaction should be encouraged (Kuh, 2008). This is so to ensure that all the students from different, but related faculties can share ideas and learn how to work in two or more related fields towards a common goal. This also enables students to interact more with their faculty professors in an attempt to understand their course work better. Additionally, students obtain a platform to ask questions that are helpful in their course work and in building their careers. This ensures and helps students irrespective of who they are to achieve the common intellectual experience of Kuh’s high-impact educational practices (Kuh, 2008). Faculties should also encourage students to get more involved in research work and courses to learn more, instead of dwelling mainly on theory. Students should be able to test the authenticity of whatever they are taught in class in order to ascertain the credibility of information received and even to learn how to perform outdoor functions (Jones & Abes, 2013). Students doing their own research learn self-independence and the art of referencing. Other skills that come with conducting research are also gained by all the students. Sharing these ideas in class will, in effect, help them compare notes on what the most effective methods to use are and how to employ them. This line of approach actually helps achieve Kuh’s other emphasis which is involvement in undergraduate research (Kuh, 2008). Intensive and thorough internship programs with grades attached to the time and effort placed by the students during their placement is another way of ensuring that all the students are involved in learning. Their assessment during the internship is done by the idustrial supervisor who will ensure that they master how to do their delegated duties in perfection. Kuh states that internship provides students with the professional coaching; thus, they can benefit from real work environment experience (Kuh, 2008). Question 1 Chickering’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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