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Social Darwinism - Essay Example

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Social Darwinism Essay Name of of University Introduction The theory of Charles Darwin was ground-breaking. He modified the established theory of human nature and also revolutionized the history of psychology. Widely known subject matters in contemporary psychology evidently reflect a strong connection to Darwin’s theory: abnormal psychology, behavioral genetics, emotions, learning, psychobiology, comparative psychology, animal psychology, developmental psychology, and various other subjects under the field of applied psychology (Hergenhahn, 2008, 301)…
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Social Darwinism
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Download file to see previous pages Women are intellectually inferior to men. Alland (1985) says, “Darwin at his worst is Darwin on women” (p. 24). Long practiced habits become heritable instincts; in the other words, in explaining cultural differences among humans, Darwin accepted Larmarkian theory. Besides its broad influence on psychology, Darwin’s theory, particularly his evolutionary theory, is presently exerting a stronger influence. Edward Wilson, in 1975, made public his work entitled Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, which tries to give an explanation of organisms’ social behavior, as well as that of human beings, within the context of evolutionary theory (Hergenhahn, 2008, 301-302). By adjusting Darwin’s description of fitness from the reproduction and survival of the human being to the transmission of a person’s genes, sociobiology can explain a broad range of human social behaviors. Specifically, as believed by sociobiologists, fitness is established by the success of an organism in continuing its genes but not essentially by the success of an organism to reproduce. By stressing the essence of passing on an organism’s genes, sociobiologists give greater importance to genetic or kin. Because an individual’s kin has his/her genes, strengthening their survival chances and reproductive capacity becomes a useful way of passing on one’s genes (Buss, 2005). This sociobiology is currently named ‘evolutionary psychology’ and is widely known in contemporary psychology (Vincent & Brown, 2005). Darwin’s assumptions encouraged the formation of a distinctively American form of psychology, a psychology that placed emphasis on individual differences and their assessment, the adaptive or flexible nature of behavior and thoughts, and animal behavior research. Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection Evolution is the behavioral, genetic, or physical transformation in groups of biological life forms over time. The more fascinating and important evidence of evolution stems from natural selection, which is a mechanism that designs biological structures. Natural selection operates within environmental, developmental, and genetic limitations to form biological life forms in ways that make them seem adjusted to their immediate environments (Jackson, 2013). Darwin recognized hereditary differences resulting in evolution, and evolution resulting in new organisms and in new allocations of attributes within populations. Three assumptions are introduced by Darwin as regards natural selection (Vincent & Brown, 2005, 83): 1. Like tends to beget like and there is heritable variation in traits associated with each type of organism. 2. Among organisms there is a struggle for existence. 3. Heritable traits influence the struggle for existence. The natural selection theory of Darwin is the core explanation of how organisms evolve to adjust to their evolving environments. It is rooted in the observation that unforeseen physical transformations, or ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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