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My personal strengths - Essay Example

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How My Strengths Develop Me Full name University name The adage “know thyself” is a very practical truth used by anyone to know and fulfill one’s destiny. Therefore, it is important for an individual to know his/her strengths and weaknesses so that dreams could be reached by placing them in the right places, getting the right information and training that makes a person successful…
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My personal strengths
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Download file to see previous pages Being a team player, I am able to work well with others as I do my part to make projects successfully achieved. With this strength, it is possible for me to become a team leader which I consider to be an opportunity for me to explore and develop my leadership skills. This gives me more experiences that will allow me to grow even better as an individual and as a team-player. As a loyal person, it is possible for me to gain more friends who appreciate the value of having trust-worthy people around them. I will be able to work well with those who believe in me and will be able to perform my duties and responsibilities to my highest level of performance. I consider my top strengths as complementary with each other because they are all necessary for my use in achieving my objectives. I can use these strengths to energize the classroom by becoming an initiator of team activities that would allow the class to be interactive. My second strengths are honesty, authenticity and genuineness. I have used honesty in the past to establish a good reputation for myself. I know that this is very important in our world today so I continue to function on the principles of honesty, believing that I can make a difference with my minute contributions. I have been a frank person and this perhaps is what makes me stand out in most groups because I often speak what is in my mind without reserves however, I also consider the feelings of those who are listening to me so that I often speak tactfully. This makes me authentic and genuine, enabling me to be appreciated for my transparency and gain more true friends. With these strengths, it is possible for me to gain the attention and friendship of more people which I believe is necessary in my future job in the field of social services. Knowing about my authenticity and genuineness makes me more aware of the creativeness that I have which can be useful with my social skills as well. I can use this strength to energize the classroom be being creative to think of ways that will bring life to the members of the class. My third strength is leadership. As mentioned earlier, my top strengths affect each other to bring about another strength in me which is leadership. In the past, I stood up as a leader in some of our school activities and I really found it helpful to be able to communicate one’s self effectively through words, work well with other and be dedicated to the group as well as the job. leadership takes a lot of courage because there are always people ready to complain but with my leadership skills, I was able to refrain from being criticized but rather helped to improve through the comments of other people. with this strength, I can become a leader again in our class and in my future job or whatever organization or group I get involved with because I am confident I have the experience, abilities and capabilities. With such an opportunity, I can enrich my social life to become a better social service provider. Consequently, I le for me to do tasks that many people might find difficult to face because of fear of what may be the outcome of their leadership. Knowing that leadership is one of my strengths, it is possible for me to have the confidence necessary in carrying out a task no matter how difficult it is. My fourth strengths are bravery and valor which I find to play an important role also in my other strengths. I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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