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Self-Reflection Assignment. PTSD - Essay Example

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Self-Reflection Assignment Introduction Humans are psychobiologically prepared to cope with multiple types of stressors. However, stress can be phenomenally great for human adaptive ability to cope with. Such stressors are traumatic in clinical sense, and tend to initiate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)…
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Self-Reflection Assignment. PTSD
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Download file to see previous pages Recent research indicates that the new generation of Iraq War veterans has 18 % chance of developing PTSD. Interpersonal interactions often reveal the post-trauma behavioral problems of trauma survivors. Post-trauma survivors often manifest feelings of ostracism from rest of society, impaired relationships, social isolation, and alienation, and numb feelings for others. The paper will present a discussion of post combat trauma of a US Marine after experiencing Iraq War. The paper will discuss theories in order to understand how to treat PTSD. How Iraq War Changed My Life The experience of Iraq War ha changed my life. I experienced one of the bloodiest war events at first hand, during my years of service as US Marine in Iraq. I was not only physically injured, but also psychologically affected. I was diagnosed with acute Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which I had developed almost immediately upon my return home. I had also procured a slight concussion. It was a direct consequence of my war experience. I had previously no idea that the war could instill a permanent scar, which would torment me for the rest of my life. Incessant headaches and nightmares bedevil me, while my limbs seem to be on fire always. I have developed the feeling that I am always at war, although I have returned home safely. I usually have a queer feeling that somebody is after me. Even slightest provocation can arouse intense anxiety in me. The smell of firecrackers or shooting of firearms is sufficient to arouse memories. What I saw during the war will remain deeply embedded in my memory. The happening of what I experienced is as real as if I was still in the battlefield. Sometimes, I have drunk with hope of defusing the nightmares. I even contemplated suicide once. I am still struggling to erase memories of such horrifying events. My short-term memory is failing me, because I cannot even remember my appointments. When I close my eyes, the entire combat scenario becomes so real that special effects of Hollywood depiction cannot even approximate what I experienced at first hand. Furthermore, I have become more antisocial, I just want to live a life of independence. Perhaps, I may spend a quiet and idyllic life in Montana, free from urban disturbances. Meanwhile, I have to learn how to put up with my rage and nightmares. I have fought numerous battles, although the most notable moment came during my travelling together with troops at the outskirts of a village in Baghdad. It was blazingly hot in the afternoon. Our Humvee seat had two rows, which we sat on opposite sides facing each other. I had my M249 automatic rifle come between my legs, which exacerbated my claustrophobia. Overcrowding aggravated the heat intensity, which made the entire unit to sweat profusely. I was drenched in sweat, craving for even the slightest breeze to cool us from intensively hot afternoon heat. Our armored five-vehicle convoy was heading towards to 26 Recon Marines. We were deployed on a special operations mission through enemy territory. Our mission briefings informed us that insurgency had declined in the territory. Following my previous experience, I could not expect much combat. However, anything can occur during war. I would knock myself against my rifle whenever our Humvee hits a rock and pothole. My rifle became heavier as time progressed. The night-vision goggles I wore made the rough dirt road glow soft green. Often, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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