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How Does the Arrangement of Letters Affect an Individual's Capacity to Name the Right Color in a Stroop Task - Research Paper Example

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How Does the Arrangement of Letters Affect an Individual’s Capacity to Name the Right Color in a Stroop Task? by: [course] [professor] How Does the Arrangement of Letters Affect an Individual’s Capacity to Name the Right Color in a Stroop Task?…
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How Does the Arrangement of Letters Affect an Individuals Capacity to Name the Right Color in a Stroop Task
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Extract of sample "How Does the Arrangement of Letters Affect an Individual's Capacity to Name the Right Color in a Stroop Task"

Download file to see previous pages The experiment has evolved in various forms and is now used to study an individual’s capacity to plan, coordinate, execute actions and accomplish tasks. Using a 2x2 factorial study design, 46 participants were asked to complete two Stroop tasks – color-naming and word-naming – in various sessions. The main purpose for the study is to determine which of the two Stroop tasks will show a higher Stroop effect hence determining how learning can be impeded. The results of the study corroborate early findings of various Stroop experiments – word-naming takes a shorter time to complete compared to the color-naming task. Moreover, this study discovered that the time required to name the ink color of an incongruent color word is relatively high compared to the time required to name the color of a congruent color world. Introduction Executive attention is a “kind of selective attention that typically acts on the contents of a working memory and directs subsequent processing so as to achieve some goal” (Pages, n.d.), p. 281. It is related to an individual’s capability to control his or her attention (Rueda, Rothbart, Mccandliss, Saccomanno, & Posner, 2005) and may be trained and measured through various means. For example, in an experiment by M. Rosario Rueda, Mary K. Rothbart, Bruce D. McCandliss, Lisa Saccomanno, and Michael I. Posner (2005), utilized a variation of the Stroop experiments to measure a child’s executive attention before and after they underwent a 3-week training on attention. The Child Attention Network Test (ANT) utilized in this study required the subjects (aged 4 to 6 years old) to undergo both the congruent and incongruent trials. The results of the study showed that attention training is effective and younger children have greater capacity to develop their executive attention. The findings of this research are important because these have implications on learning. For example, in the modern classroom, teachers today complain of their student’s incapability to fix their attention on the lesson. As a result of this, students are unable to grasp the lesson immediately and will require the teacher to explain concepts various times. Students often miss out on critical information because of their inattention. For Jiang and Marvin Chun (2000), this “inattentional blindness” happens because humans ignore a lot of information which they perceive as irrelevant. Unfortunately, what students perceive as “unimportant” may not be truly so. Jiang and Chun says that in the same way that selective attention shapes learning, learning also shapes selective attention. The more facts a person ignores, the more incapable one is of learning new things. Hence, inattentive students often have difficulty in class, which can then turn them frustrated with their lessons. At worst, they can decide to abandon school altogether. From this point, the issue can become social and developmental in nature, but one can already see how inattention has to be addressed early on. Attention training may not be a fool-proof solution, but it presents a chance to reverse the trend of shorter attention span. Through the findings of Rueda et al. one can see how attention training can be most useful in the younger years and how such an investment can benefit young students in the future. The original Stroop experiments required subjects to name the color of a word stimuli, and ignoring what the word that the letters spell, for example BLUE. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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