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Happiness: Lessons from a New Science - Essay Example

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The author will be seeking out answers to the following questions: Do I think that I am a happy person overall? When I feel sad, what I usually do to feel better? What will I suggest to other people about happiness? Can they learn from me and my experiences?…
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Happiness: Lessons from a New Science
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Download file to see previous pages The world cannot run on the concept of total happiness at all times. In the absence of total happiness, carry on with the available happiness. I count my blessings in life than curse what I am not endowed with.  The wise saying goes, ‘It is better to deserve without receiving than to receive without deserving.’ People have different yardsticks to measure happiness. To some exorbitant lifestyles like costly food items, latest apparel, bigger cars, posh houses, air-conditioned space, foreign holidays, shirking responsibility and buttering people to get fast benefits in life,  are the factors related to happiness. But all these will provide fleeting happiness. I do not wish to knock at the wrong portals of happiness. The happiness of my concept is within the heart of each individual, and the concerned individual has to achieve it. No outside agency will provide happiness. Give up the negativities, confusion, and wrong ambitions. I thus tread on the true royal road to happiness. I am not a porter to carry the head-load of worries. I do my secular activities without any motivated desires and therefore, I am a happy person. I feel sad if I admit sadness within me. Basically, the root cause of our sadness is our negativities, I know this fact well. I will not make special efforts to suppress my sadness. Let this phase of sadness come and pass over. Howsoever powerful may the waves, their real nature is mere water! Even when I go through the process of sadness, I know that it has got to be a temporary phase. Just as I see the change of seasons of Nature, I understand, this phase of sadness has to pave way for happiness. There have been occasions when I feel sad and I immediately revert to meditation and concentrate on the root cause of my sadness. Putting the mind in ‘solitary confinement’ for some time is the best option to lighten the stress part of the mind.  I have a stock of good spiritual books and magazines and I try to read a few pages of them to divert my mind from the thoughts of sadness. We have an excellent neighborhood park and I move there to take a brisk walk for about 30-45 minutes and then relax sitting on the green carpet of grass. Some friends and acquaintances meet in the park and interaction with them lighten the burden of the mind and this exercise paves way for substitution of positive thoughts. The first few hours of the experience of sadness are tough and gradually those strong feelings get diluted and the mind reverts to its true nature of peace. As a young man, I had offered my candidature for defense services for the post of Second Lieutenant. I cleared the written test, passed the first interview and failed in the final interview. My batch consisted of thirty candidates out of which only 4 were selected. That day I remained engulfed in sorrow and all my fond hopes of military service were dashed to the ground. But I still remember what the Major of the army selection board said in his farewell address to the rejected candidates. Looking straight into our sullen faces he said, “All smart candidates! You will succeed elsewhere in life!” He was indeed prophetic. As for me I chose to bank as my career and rose to become the Regional Manager of a top Commercial Bank. With this experience, I now know how to convert defeats into victories.  Economic and power ambitions are good servants but they are bad masters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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