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Financial Motivation in University Students - Research Proposal Example

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The author of this paper "Financial Motivation in University Students" explores the issue of motivation in relation to education and the relative success that can potentially be achieved. This can especially be seen in the environment of higher education…
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Financial Motivation in University Students
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"Financial Motivation in University Students"

Download file to see previous pages One major factor that can be considered as the potential main motivation behind a student’s work rate is the goals that they wish to achieve in the future. For many youths, the concept of education making an individual a better and well-rounded person is not enough to keep their noses in the books when they have the chance to go out and do something that they find more entertaining and no-one to stop them. Therefore, when talking with regard to the future, material possessions and status can be considered more effective drives to make an individual study harder. However, other sources of motivation that do not relate to financial success should also be taken into consideration as the wealth is not the only factor to motivate individuals. For example, an individual who has been raised in a wealthy family with the assurance of financial security whether he succeeds in his quest for higher learning or not will be motivated by the thought of financial success as this is already available to them. Other sources of motivation will be studied in such cases such as respect from their peers as well as pride; one may be motivated to excel in their education to prove that they are not dependent upon their family’s financial cushion and are able to make it in life without such assistance (Lara & Norton, 2009).The temptations that are present in the life of a university are many and the need for a strong motivation is a necessity should one want to succeed in overcoming them and going on to excel. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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