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My personal belief and approach to wellbeing [Author] Everybody wants to be happy. Our wellbeing is the indicator of our happiness. Every day we think about the ways how to improve our wellbeing. Even those people who have everything to benefit from and feel happy try to get more from life…
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Describe your personal beliefs and approach to wellbeing
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Download file to see previous pages “From our perspective, the ultimate goal of quality of life study and its subsequent applications is to enable people to live quality lives -- lives that are both meaningful and enjoyed” ("Quality of Life: How Good is Life for You?") Some will argue that not all the people have an opportunity to change their lifestyle, but we still can insist that there are many aspects, which everybody can make changes in. First of all, we can improve the conditions we spend much time in. For example, if we are working with the computer, we can buy a new suitable table or new computer, hang pictures on the walls and flowers on the table. Secondly, it is essential to take care about our health, because much depends on the state of our organism. Healthy diet, physical activity, stress removal are very important for everybody, because a sound mind is in a sound body. We should enjoy our attempts: “you don’t have to start by running a marathon. Any sort of physical activity that suits your level of fitness is enough to help improve your well-being, so long as you get out there and do something you enjoy” (19 Ways to Increase Well-being). Our family life is also very important for our wellbeing. If a person has a good and happy family, wellbeing is almost guaranteed as family life usually brings much happiness. It is important to have good relationships with a spouse and children, with our parents. Good relationships help us have good and healthy emotional life that is very essential. In order to be happy it is necessary to plan our time carefully. Notwithstanding that modern technologies help us save our time and provide us with more free time, we still should plan our free time carefully. Working hours and leisure time should be carefully planned, otherwise we risk to appear without money one day. Financial situation plays a very important role. It is not necessary to have all the money in the world, but the life still should be comfortable. It is not possible not to have problems at all, but those who have serious financial problems can’t feel happy. Everyone should remember that it is dangerous to set unreal goals, it usually leads to failure. Also we should remember that we should earn money but not concentrate on it. Kahneman and Deaton studied the connection between financial situation and emotional state of people. They state: “we conclude that lack of money brings both emotional misery and low life evaluation; similar results were found for anger. Beyond $75,000 in the contemporary United States, however, higher income is neither the road to experienced happiness nor the road to the relief of unhappiness or stress, although higher income continues to improve individuals’ life evaluations” (Kahneman & Deaton 2010). It is also important to be satisfied with the job. Good and pleasant job can bring much happiness. Our self-respect also plays a very essential role. It is necessary we should concentrate on our strong points, not on the weak ones. People treat us exactly the way we treat ourselves, self-esteem is very essential. We should work constantly to improve our self-confidence. In order to feel ourselves comfortable, we should plan our time, determine the priorities, find new interests, make new friends, do exercises, find a pleasant job. Every man is a creator of his own happiness. Everything depends on us and our desire to become happy and comfortable. “Happiness is a choice. Most people won’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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