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Prevention and Awareness - Essay Example

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Prevention and Awareness A comparative study on education and awareness on HIV/AIDS between two regions in Sierra Leone Abstract Despite the aid of antiretroviral drugs that has helped to decrease the death rate in HIV/AIDS, the rate of new infected cases is still on the rise…
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Prevention and Awareness
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Download file to see previous pages The results highlighted that all participants had knowledge about the disease. The findings also outlined the need for religious leaders to be proactive in educating people about HIV/AIDS. By so doing, they might reduce stigma and false beliefs. Community support is very essential in the fight against the epidemic as participants outlined. The need of education and misconception about HIV are entrenched in the rural region. Though there were attempts to alert the community about the dangers of the disease, many have not changed their sexual lifestyle. This however, shows that there is an ongoing need to educate and raise the level of awareness and implement the new measures so that the message would get through. Introduction There is murder within our society. Everyone knows about it. It can strike at any time but no one knows when it would strike. It survives on our children, women, men, white and blacks young and old. This killer is on the loose and sometimes it is present in our very backyard without realising it. It is not easy to stop it and no one enjoys exemption, it goes by the name of AIDS. AIDS is an ongoing pandemic that has spread like a wild fire across the globe claiming innocent lives. However, many lives survived with the help of antiretroviral drugs. ...
HIV awareness and the Sierra Leone context “Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which weakens the immune system and makes the body susceptible to and unable to recover from other opportunistic diseases and eventually leads to death through these secondary infections.” (USAIDS 2009) There are different mode of transmission such as sexual contact, blood transfusion, sharing needles of an infected individual and mother to baby transmission. The HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to gather momentum around the world, wiping out innocent lives and threatening future generations. It is critical to control the spread of the disease, as failure to achieve this will expand the pandemic further with newly infected cases. However, there has been a major breakthrough of very good medication in the treatment of the disease. UNAIDS report 2011 on HIV/AIDS highlighted that there are reduction in new cases and more people are receiving antiretroviral drugs. Furthermore statistics shows that about 6.6 million people now benefit from the treatment globally, as a result of this drugs many lives has been saved therefore more people are living longer with HIV/AIDS which seem highly unlikely in the past. The UNAIDS 2011 report also shows the number of people dying of Aids related causes has been reduced significantly from 2.5 million in the mid 2000 to 1.8 million in 2010. Also about 50% of pregnant women who are living with the disease received antiviral drugs that prevent mother to child transmission. The implementation of different strategies like education and awareness can also serve as a tool to minimise the growth of the disease and helps reduce the rate of mortality. The media is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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