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Media Glamorization of Serial Killers - Research Paper Example

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 This paper explores five articles that depict how the media plays a role in the glamorization of serial killers. The articles that will be featured in the paper will present several views that will provide a broader understanding of the glamorization of serial killers…
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Media Glamorization of Serial Killers
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"Media Glamorization of Serial Killers"

Download file to see previous pages The irony becomes evident when the responses of society are examined regarding criminals that commit serial murders. People deem these criminals as a bad individual that deserves to be punished yet people tend to have more interest in the serial killer and cannot even recognize their victims (16). The main reason for this is because serial killers are glamorized by the media, which develops interest among people that make people more concerned about the identity and background of the criminal rather than taking time in knowing the victims that have suffered in the arms of those killers.  Jennifer Copley (2008) had written an article entitled “Media Glamorization of the Psychopath” this focuses on the premise that movies, games, other forms of media support a sociopathic hero. The article tackles on the subject that North American media glamorizes the psychopath as a “brave war hero, fearless police officer, the dynamic villain, or the misunderstood hero” (Copley 1). The article on “Sex Workers in the Shadows” by Allison Burch (2002) basically describes the scenario among sex workers or prostitutes. These sex workers are often maltreated by their clients and abused, with high vulnerability to attacks from serial killers as well as from law enforcement officers. Two articles were also chosen that contains various inputs on how the movies have been used to glamorize the serial killers. Georgia Custer (2008), wrote about the TV series Dexter, entitled “CBS shouldn’t Glamorize serial killer on Dexter” where the article focuses mainly on the effect of the series among children and teenagers. Dexter is a series that presents the life of a serial killer that uses his acquired skills from the training given to him by his father to kill other serial kills that are out of control. The article also raises its concern regarding the broadcast of the series on national television, with the fear of exposing children and teenagers to images that are highly violent and can influence the behavior of the viewers to be less sensitive of explicit content. Ceren Akdeniz (2007) wrote about the Hannibal Lecter movie anthology. The film is a good example of glamorizing serial killers, it depicts the character of Hannibal Lecter, the killer, as a very smart man with a high level of education and cognitive skills. The characteristics given to the character of Hannibal Lecter made the viewers more interested in his creative ways of killing his victims. Hannibal became a serial killer due to a brutal incident during his childhood. He came from a rich family but several events pushed them to stay in the forest to avoid getting hurt from the ongoing war. Unfortunately, soldiers saw their house in the woods and they murdered Hannibal’s parents. Food became scarce and the soldiers have decided that the only way for them to survive is to eat the little sister of Hannibal.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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