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Serial Killers - Research Paper Example

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Running head: Serial Killers Serial Killers Abstract This paper focuses on research findings on serial killers. It goes into the details on the motives of the killers. The data and information in the paper have been gathered from previous study findings and have been incorporated to create a clear picture on the deviant behavior…
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Serial Killers Research Paper
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Serial Killers

Download file to see previous pages... Convicted serial killers have aided in the investigation for the motives of their actions as well as those who develop the vice. Introduction There are many vices that are portrayed by human beings who suffer from psychological disorders. Such vice include engaging in very heinous and inhumane acts. Such acts include domestic violence, child abuse, rape and stalking. People who engage in these acts do so in the search for psychological gratification. The main motivator to these vices is the urge to satisfy one’s pathological interests to experience power over the other humans. Serial killing is one of the most disturbing acts that people engage in. multiple murders that are very gruesome. Serial killers are known to be very cunning and heartless. A serial murderer can kill quite a big number of people before being cornered. This is mainly because the serial killers commit perfect crimes whereby they leave very insignificant or no evidence behind. Murder detectives can take months trying to follow the steps of a serial killer. The most tasking part of hunting for a serial killer is trying to predict their killing pattern. Once a serial killer becomes predictable, it gets easier to corner them. Serial killers can also be caught in the act or identified by witnesses or even forward themselves to the authorities and confess. This paper focuses on a research conducted on serial killers. The reason for studying on serial killers is to try and shed some light on why serial killers engage in such inhumane deviant behavior. The information in this research paper has been gathered from various studies and reports on serial killers. Literature review Numerous studies have been undertaken on serial killers in the past. These are in an attempt to give the causes and the motivators of the deviant behavior. According to previous research, majority of the serial killers in the U.S are white males. Majority of the killers are usually in their late 20s. Black Americans make up for 16% of the serial killer cases reported by the media. Researchers have established the basic characteristics of a serial killer. These include being generally intelligent, some may be from unstable relationships, most of the m are victims of abuse from their past, they have fetishes that they have obsessions for, they are sadists and in most cases they have been involved in crimes before. It is difficult to predict who is a killer or who is not in a society where many people portray one or several of the characteristics (Vronsky, 2004). Serial killers can also be very intelligent and successful people in the society who do not show any of the characters associated with serial killers. For instance in the reported case of Harold Shipman, who was very respectable man and a professional working with NHS, he was discovered to be a serial killer by the authorities. The man was a public figure in the community and he was well known for his award in the charity work supporting children with asthma. The community was shocked to know the true character of the psychopath in him. Similar cases have been reported in the past about respectable people turning out to be psychopathic serial killers (Vronsky, 2004). According to many theorists, for one to become a serial killer, they have to have some motivational factors. Many psychologists believe that serial killers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Serial killers
The criminal demeanour and other behavioural issues are frequently supposed to be arisen from the home background of serial killers due to poor role models or due to inadequate discipline. Serial killer’s behaviour appears to be an outcome of a highly intricate interaction of sociological, biological and psychological factors.
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Multiple Murders Psychology
The more that is learned about multiple murderers, the more the various types of offenders are classified and studied. Multiple murders can be mass murders, like Hitler, Stalin, or Qu’adaffi, or they can be people like Ted Bundy or Gary Ridgeway—fairly non-descript and whose only claim to fame is that they are serial killers.
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Are Some People Born Serial Killers
The first historical study on serial killers was conducted by Dr. Richard Von Kraft-Ebing in the nineteenth century. According to Pincus (33), the common explanation of a serial killer is the illegitimate murder of two or more individuals by the same criminal, in different events/circumstances.
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Media Glamorization of Serial Killers
 Acts of violence and murder are constantly condemned by the society. Serial killers are among the criminals that are highly despised by the society, people even think of them as animals and demons and threats them that way (Roy 16). Serial Killers are usually motivated in four ways, namely: visionary, mission-oriented, hedonistic, and power of control (24). 
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Serial Killers
In some situations, there are sexual elements involved in the murders. The murders are often completed or attempted in the same fashion and in most cases the victims share something in common. For instance race, occupation, sex, appearance, or age group. According to Borgeson, a killer is someone is someone who takes interests to have the life of a person. This is usually to ensure some secrets are kept.
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Serial Killers
Serial killers are thought to be undergoing some form of psychological and metal disturbance; hence, they obtain pleasure from the murders they commit. The main cause of mental or psychological disturbance for these offenders is normally traced back to their childhood growth.
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Serial killers
Presently, majority of the criminologists concur that serial killers emanate from dysfunctional social backgrounds manifesting considerable abuse during childhood. Nevertheless, child abuse remains a common occurrence, which renders it problematic to presume that it leads an individual to become a serial killer.
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Women and men serial killers; gender inequality on crime sentencing
There are many cases in which criminal justice system adopts double standards while analysing crimes of similar nature committed by different persons. For example, women and men are undergoing different trail
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Juvenile Serial Killers
The increasing number of juvenile serial killers has led to the toughening of the laws that have been put in place to prosecute juveniles
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Using GIS Profiling to Solve Serial Burglaries

The author states that advancements in technology have contributed to increased serial crimes around the globe. Criminals are highly innovative and frequently adopt emerging technology advancements before criminal agencies acquire such technologies. Such innovative criminals have also acquired similar crime tracking devices.

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