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abstract This quasi-experimental study tried to determine whether attention, particularly enjoyment, influences inaccuracy of time perception. The research was conducted among 45 participants, equally divided to be exposed to either ‘time flies’ (n = 15), normal (n = 15) or ‘time drags’ (n = 15) condition…
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Download file to see previous pages Results showed that as in other studies, distortion of time perception was significantly influenced by the difference between actual and perceived time spent. However, the sample’s lack of variation in terms of attention might have hindered the study in reaching significant conclusions regarding the influence of attention on time distortion. It is thus recommended that increasing the sample size, objectively measuring attention, and modifying the conditions of the task be performed to come up with more valid and more informative studies in the future. Background Most people have heard or have lived by tenets. The fascination behind the saying ‘Time files when you’re having fun” stems from the fact that it enjoyment of an activity can be measured or even influenced by the time spent on the activity. A person can consciously make an unpleasant experience more tolerable by thinking that time is going fast, and it will all be over soon. Although drinking caffeinated drinks, rigorous exercise, and playing inappropriate background music have been suggested, the technique involves distracting people from actual time by removing timepieces, for example. Commercial establishments can make a client’s visit to their place more enjoyable by removing clocks from their walls and providing coffee (Sackett, et al., 2010). In addition, time perception is not just a mere reflection of the actual time duration. In fact, it has been suggested that events that occurred during the period can be used as markers for reconstructing time duration, such that those that remember more events, have a longer estimate of time elapsed. However, other studies argued that in accurately estimating time duration, more important than events recalled is the extent to which those events resulted to significant occurrences (Avni-Babad & Ritov, 2003). Evidences since 1962 have proven that our perception of how much time had elapsed depends on how we spent it. According to Sackett et al. (2009), the inaccuracy of estimated time elapsed during an activity is caused by the limitation of the working memory’s capacity to store memories of the experience. Many studies have already shown that time duration estimates are influenced by a variety of factors. This may be because the free memory is allotted to store other features of the experience, subconsciously decided to be more important than remembering how much time has elapsed. If such is true, then it means that the more interesting and memorable the experience is for the individual, the more likely these are remembered, and the less likely time spent is paid much attention to. So far, the studies by Sackett et al., one conducted in 2009 and the other in 2010, are the most extensive study yet regarding the adage that time flies when you’re having fun. Through five experiments, they used a range of stimuli and a variety of methods to influence that participants’ time perception. It was found that people have difficulty estimating how long experiences last, and time perception can also be influenced by enjoyment. In addition, it was also found that the idiom works the other way around, such that activities would be perceived to be more fun, if time was perceived to pass quickly. In the study by Sackett et al. (2010), participants who thought that time had flown by, by being informed of the amount of time spent that was actually less than the actual duration of the activity, rated the test as more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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LAB REPORT ON TIME PERCEPTION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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