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Literature review of coping strategies of parents of children with autism - Essay Example

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Literature Review: Coping Strategies for Parents with Autistic Children Name Institution Date Autism can be considered as a severe developmental disorder (Robins, Fein, Barton, & Green, 2001) which can be disruptive, affecting social relationships, communication, a restriction in activities, and impairments in behaviour, as well as language and imaginative play…
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Literature review of coping strategies of parents of children with autism
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"Literature review of coping strategies of parents of children with autism"

Download file to see previous pages Autism is characterised with impairment in communication, aggressive behaviour and low social functioning (Altiere & Kluge, 2009). Thus parents and families with autistic children need to make significant adjustments in order to cope and function adequately. Gray, 2002 and Schalll 2000 have pointed out that recent studies indicate that parents with autistic children face various difficulties that are related to the caring of the autistic children. Lazarus and Folkman (1984, p. 283) define coping as ‘the process of managing demands (external or internal) that are appraised as taxing or exceeding the resources of the person’. The concept of coping is explored in current theory, and relates to the ways in which parents adapt their lives, expectations, emotional reactions, and other activities to manage the responsibilities of caring for a child with autism. There is some evidence that suggests that there is significantly higher stress involved in parenting autistic children (Blacher & McIntyre, 2006). For example such parents feel that they are locked at home because they fear taking their children out to the public (Lecavalier et al., 2006). However, the type of support that apparent gets from the family member, the society and institution will determine the level of stress or comfort that the parent would undergo in parenting autistic children. Autistic spectrum disorders are increasingly prevalent in society. The Centers for Disease Control (2007) indicate that approximately 1 in 150 births is affected with autism (Fortunato, Sigafoos, & Morsillo-Searls, 2007). In yet another study by American Psychiatric Association (2000)the prevalence of autism range from five cases in every 1000 and up to 60 cases per 10,000 among children under the age of eighteen years. Although autism is a disorder that affects children from different backgrounds, socio-economic status, and cultures (Dyches, Wilder, Sudweeks, Obiakor, & Algozzine, 2004). Most researches have concentrated on a western cultural perspective. It is however crucial to consider race as a separate variable for exploration in research, as it could lead to significantly different results (Dyches et al., 2004). People from different cultures cope with having a child with autism differently according to the parents’ different beliefs and values. Mandell and Novak (2005) argue that the nature of treatment and care received by parents of children with autism is affected by the parents’ spiritual and cultural values, because as noted by Alqahtani (2012) parents make decisions on behalf of their children and such beliefs may influence those decisions. Another research carried out by Resch (2010) indicates that environmental support also affects the way parents relate to their children with autistic characteristics. For instance, a growing number of autistic children would call for in increased allocation of resources towards their care to reduce parental stress (Hall & Graff, 2011). However, this research project took place in Saudi Arabia. The traditional and cultural environment in Saudi Arabia is mostly conservative and follows a firm interpretation of Islamic regulations (Alqahtani, 2012). Moreover, Al-Salehi, Al-Hifthy, and Ghaziuddin (2009) state that there are no accurate statistical data about the prevalence of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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