Drug Addict in the family and treatment - Literature review Example

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This paper is primarily based on contemplating the widespread influences produced by drug addiction on the addicts themselves and their families. …
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Drug Addict in the family and treatment
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Download file to see previous pages Not only do people have to hide their relatedness to those particular family members who happen to be chronic drug addicts when socializing, but also they are subjected to much worry, frustration, and desperateness. “The needs and concerns of siblings or other family members may get ignored because of crises caused by substance abuse” (Lameman, 2012). Children born to such addicted people do not get spared of the harmful consequences of drug addiction as many grave clinical disorders are highly common among such poor ill-fated children. “If a child is living with an alcoholic or drug user, the child is likely to develop a warped sense of normal when it comes to using these substances” (More, 2008). Drug addiction also gives birth to the malignant issue of domestic violence. This literature review is an effort to explore the issue of drug addiction, the impact produced by it on families, important factors influencing it, and the state of treatment facilities available for drug addicts with special reference to the Republic of Ireland.

State of drug addiction in Ireland:
According to research studies done in Ireland which have raised concern over the substance abuse issue, alcohol and other hard drugs are breaking many families and leaving many children homeless. The number of newer drug abuse cases is also found to have increased by “100% in the Western area, which includes Galway, Mayo and Roscommon” (Long, cited in Markey, 2008). Moreover, it is a sad fact revealed by Census of Population of Ireland that the number of children in a family in which at least one parent was found abusing drugs was found to be way higher than in a family in which no record of substance abuse was found. ...
ct revealed by Census of Population of Ireland that the number of children in a family in which at least one parent was found abusing drugs was found to be way higher than in a family in which no record of substance abuse was found. “The average number of children in a drug abuser's family was 5.6. This figure is markedly larger than the national average of 3.5” (Carr, Kelly, & Hart, 1980). This is because sexual abuse comes in handy with substance abuse issue and proves to be toxic for families. Such deficient parental models also prove to be equally toxic for the children born to drug abusers and many such children in Ireland have found to be dealing with the evil consequences of retarded socialization. Such children have been observed to have no idea of how to handle the relationships and develop into dead pans in terms of emotional intelligence. Research done on drug abusers who attended a drug advisory and treatment center in Central Dublin revealed that “the age of subjects ranged from 16 to 50 years, with a mean of 24 years, seven months. 73% were under 26 years of age at the time of interview” (Carr, Kelly, & Hart, 1980). This shows that youth is highly targeted by the drug dealers regardless of racial, cultural or ethnic background. Evil habits such as substance abuse or drug addiction stretched over a period of so many years are understandably hard to be eradicated and this point poses malignant risks for drug addicts. Heroin has been found to be the most common substance abused in Ireland among other drugs. “There was a 96% increase in the number of new opiate cases who lived outside Dublin, from 226 in 2001 to 442 in 2006” (Reynolds, Fanagan, Bellerose, & Long, 2008). Abusing heroin intravenously is also becoming popular among young Irish ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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