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Everything is beautifully arranged and two normal looking people waited outside casually. The doctors working there seemed very pleasant and nice. The…
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Download file to see previous pages The patients approach the clinic to seek treatment from these white collar workers, who possess health insurance that cover the cost of the rehab centre. This implies that the rehab treatments are really expensive. People mostly come to that clinic for the treatment of alcohol or cocaine addiction or for both. A small Persian woman, Judith, gave me a short tour around the clinic. She led me to hall, which is pleasantly decorated with posters of short positive mantras inducing the people to stay away from the addictive usages. One of these mantras stated that one addict could and should make the other addict achieve freedom from this addiction. Judith introduces herself to me and I found out what an interesting background she has. She was an alcoholic who had recovered after the treatment, but even after 15 years, she still visits her support group, Alcoholics Anonymous, twice every week. She began drinking from a tender age, that is, when she was only 13 and soon became a heavy drinker. She was forced to drop out of her school and later on she married a person who had the same addiction and this made her realize the adverse affects that alcohol consumption had in her life. She lost her money as well as other valuable things to her husband who used them to pay off for the gambling he had been doing. Later on she divorced him to disburse her debt. She says that people will begin to trust and confide in her once they believe that she has been through the same things as they are going through now. She also explains that the greatest fraction of her colleagues have revived themselves from their terrible addictions as they realized the intense distress and suffering that it brought in their lives. Even after her divorce she was still a target of a lot of problems.
She continued her consumption of alcohol and was soon fired from her position as a secretary at a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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