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Thr Village House Intership - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author of the following paper states:" I undertook the internship program was part of the partial fulfillment of my study area in the major of accounting. In the organization, I was exposed to many areas in the accounting department that I found to be very relevant to my major."…
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Thr Village House Intership
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Extract of sample "Thr Village House Intership"

Download file to see previous pages I gained a lot of experience in the whole process and realized how my classes were of great assistance and how my lectures have prepared me for the practical application of the knowledge gained in class.
I wish to indicate that I had several options to choose from and as a result, I had to consider the goals and objectives of each of the organization so that I could locate the one that fit my personal goals. I found The Village House to be the best option. The reason I choose to do my internship at The Village House is that I wanted to be in an organization that has a humanitarian initiative as I have always wanted to assist the needy. I have always wanted to work with children who need assistance. Another reason is that I have a lot of connections in Fremont Ohio hence it is a very convenient venue. Therefore, The Village House offered the best opportunity for me. The entire internship duration ran for a period of 150 hours and I had to drive a distance of about 17 kilometers to reach The Village House on a daily basis.
In this internship report, I will offer a detailed description of my experience during the entire internship process. The report is composed of an overview of the internship company as well as other activities, projects, and responsibilities that I undertook during the internship period. While engaging in this report writing initiative, I will offer a description and a reflection of my learning objectives and personal goals. Before beginning the process, I had to write down all my expectations and that of the company so that I do not deviate from them.
In this regard, I wish to sincerely thank my director Miss Sue for being a great support to me during the entire internship period. I want to thank her for giving me the opportunity to follow my internship at The Village House. She had the kindness to accept me in the company and guide me through my internship with advice, feedback, and tips despite her busy schedule.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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