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I learnt a lot more concerning the truth of the construction industry the role of the project manager. I discovered that the project manager has to look…
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Internship monthly report
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During the 2-month of the internship, I was permitted to visit the construction sites and took part in the site meetings. I learnt a lot more concerning the truth of the construction industry the role of the project manager. I discovered that the project manager has to look after major deadlines and also make a decision on every matter. He is the coordinator of every project, and he ensures the project’s progress is smooth and on track.
In this period, all my colleagues were very friendly and eager to teach me. I learnt so many techniques that would not have acquired from books and lectures and books. I participated in several activities like; preparing several master programs. I was briefed on the idea before I began doing it. I also took part in the view and price analysis of the Baltimore house project. It was fun as well as challenging as I had to do it on my own and later explain why I thought it was so to the rest. Another challenging activity I did was to participate in a meeting representing one of my supervisors who was on holiday.
I had to report to representatives from other departments on issues concerning the Baltimore project plan of the Wing Hong Street project. It was very exciting since I had to contribute to the meeting alone. I gained the essential knowledge concerning the job nature of building and construction. For this second month, I learnt how to co-operate with diverse parties from a customer perspective. I established that problems in communication were the most tricky to address in property management.
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