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Internship : MAK Group's Financial Department - Lab Report Example

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About This Student - An Introduction I am currently in my senior year at Alfaisal University, and have just completed my internship with the Marwan A. Kaki (MAK) Group. I first worked in the MAK Group's Financial Department from October 2009 to April 2010, where my main tasks revolved around receipt and payment invoice generation, prepared statements and both manual and computerized book keeping…
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Internship Report: MAK Groups Financial Department
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Download file to see previous pages Following my tenure under the MAK Group's Financial Department, I then moved to the Real Estate Department, where I handled an all-new set of tasks and responsibilities. Since April 2010 until this past August, I have been charged with supervision and quality control of the Group's various real estate assets, as well as the execution of rules and regulations of the many companies included in the Group. I have also been tasked with interviewing tenants, as well as contract approvals and the determination of renting prices. Unit maintenance is also one of the many tasks I performed as part of the Real Estate Department, as is the preparation of rent and expense reports and the computerization of the entire Department. Finally, I have also worked on many projects at the development level, including concepts and feasibility studies. To encourage better understanding of my experiences working at the MAK Group's Financial and Real Estate Departments, this report shall thus explore into the fields of finance and real estate in order to explain some of the concepts one needs to understand in order to work in these fields. Discoveries made here will also be tied into my experiences. Following these two parts is a brief reflection on the my experiences with the MAK Group, before the conclusion. Corporate Finance To study finance is to study the way assets are allocated in times of certainty and uncertainty. Practitioners in this field tend to emphasize the time value of money, which basically means that a unit of currency today will always be worth more than it is tomorrow. Subcategories falling under this heading include public, personal and corporate finance, which shall be the focus of this report. It has been said by the British SAS that 'who dares, wins'; such a mindset would hardly be out of place in the realm of corporate finance, where high risks tend to equate high returns. Assets are priced according to their risk level and expected rate of return, both of which tend to be directly proportional to each other. This means that while companies who play it safe and stick to low-risk projects may get by, the real success is only experienced by those willing to be brave with their investments at the risk of losing more should they fail. Where the income to be had outweighs the risk involved, a particular investment becomes more and more attractive and desirable - which is where capital investment decisions come in. Because a company's resources are limited, management personnel must be able to discern which projects ought to be invested in, and to what degree - in a process known as capital budgeting. Also known as investment appraisal, this planning process is aimed at determining which of a company's long term investments are worth pursuing and investing in. Depending on certain factors, such as the current circumstances, the company's priorities and the resources it has on hand, some investments may be more worthwhile than others (Sullivan and Sheffrin, 2003). The need for this planning process can be explained in terms of four points. First and foremost, given the limited resources available to companies, as well as the exorbitant amount of money usually involved in making investments, it so follows that this will affect the profitability of the company itself. Adding more weight to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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