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The author of the text "Bruno in the East Village" provides an analysis of the article "Bruno in the East Village". It is stated here that the people have the power to dictate the progress and operations of a restaurant as in the case of Bruno.  …
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Bruno in the East Village
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Extract of sample "Bruno in the East Village"

Article Topic: Restaurant Review: Bruno in the East Village Article Link: http 10/21/dining/restaurant-review-bruno-east-village.html
The people have the power to dictate the progress and operations of a restaurant as in the case of Bruno. I totally agree with that view as the people who visit the restaurants can determine its present challenges as well as enabling it to overcome them. The challenges that the restaurant faces despites its short stay are a result of their own making if what the author says is anything to go by. The poor conditions at Bruno such as uncomfortable seats marked by a long row of tables with chairs and banquettes have served to keep people away from the restaurant. The author compares the seating arrangements at the restaurant as those in the police cells and that confirms how worse the conditions are. One has to wait for a long time before their meals are served and that indicates poor customer relations.
The critics who are quick to criticize all the efforts that are being undertaken by the restaurant in an effort to improve their services should not do so in haste. The restaurant should be given time to adjust to new conditions before they begin to receive negative responses from bloggers, critics and competitors. I firmly agree that some restaurants just like other businesses are successful in making their advertisement very alluring and catchy to the eyes of the public but very little to show for it when one visits the actual places. The things that a firm shows to the public should not be very different from the actual events within their premises. Read More
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