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Things Fall Apart - Essay Example

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In the essay “Things Fall Apart” the author discusses the story of a proud man’s inglorious fall. The novel has universal appeal. Almost every culture’s literature has produced a similar tale. It is the story of an ordinary man who had to live through extraordinary circumstances…
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Things Fall Apart
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Extract of sample "Things Fall Apart"

Download file to see previous pages Umuofia, which means "People of the Forest", is a town comprising of nine separate villages, feared by all its neighbors, as many of its clansmen are brave warriors
Almost every society has a strong cultural and religious tradition. Umuofia is no different. All the villages of Umuofia are governed by the Edwugwu and everyone worships the same gods. They celebrate various occasions together coming from afar to be with their relatives. They also mourn various losses in each other's company. It is this that sets Umuofia apart from other towns. All its villages are bound by the same ancient code and not one of them functions differently.
We notice how proud the protagonist Okonkwo and his clansmen are of Umuofia. In fact, pride is the most visible trait that most men display. Other emotions are concealed even from their own wives and children. Overly emotional men are considered weak and unworthy.
In many ways, society is a cruel and harsh one. Many decisions regarding the well being of the people are taken by the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves. The clan is not given to hasty or impetuous decisions. They deliberate over every move and act only after having consulted with Agbala, the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves. Oracle’s word is law. Agbala is feared by everybody. Women are not even allowed to be in his presence, in spite of the fact that Chielo, a woman is the priestess of the Oracle’s shrine. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Things Fall Apart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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Things Fall Apart (Okonkwo

...?Things fall Apart Introduction Things Fall Apart, ed by Chinua Achebe, is an African prose that narrates the transition from a pre-colonial era to the colonial era. The novel addresses the crisis of African cultural collapse during the colonial rule. It concerns the traditional Igbo life prior to the advent of the missionaries and colonial government and the reaction of the Igbo people to the new order imposed by the missionaries and the colonial government. Okonkwo, the principal character, inability to accept the new order, in the face of the already collapsed Igbo culture brought him down. Nwoye, Okonkwo’s oldest son, was a major character that accepted and embraced the new order to the disappointment of his father. Nwoye...
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Things Fall Apart

.... The co-existence of the two, leads to the likes of Obierika and Okonkwo who embrace their local beliefs, to conclude that, by the white man trying to destroy their culture, he has put a knife on the things that held them that is, their culture. They see the change of religion as the falling apart from their local customs. Work Cited Achebe, Chinua. Things fall apart. New York: Anchor Books, 1994. Print.... Things Fall Apart “He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart (152).” Explain the significance of this statement. This exchange happens during a chat between Obierika and Okonkwo. The conversation is about different...
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Things Fall apart

...would ensure that the Africans have a negative attitude towards him. Further, the primitive customs of the Igbo and other Africans have been proved to be of no use. European culture according to the commissioner is the best way of living. Africans must now conform to civilization. Okonkwo whom the Umofains had seen as the greatest man ever in the village, had to be buried like a dog. Things fall apart ends with the historian making a decision to recount the manner in which the world has changed (Okpewho 125). The story the historian is expecting to write will not be like the one the readers have just finished reading. The story would be less objective and be less accurate narrative. The decision whether to write a whole chapter or...
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Things fall apart

...! That is possible by introducing them to the authentic African culture, not the one distorted and painted by the British and other western historians and writers. It is with this perspective, that he advocates the use of English language for the African writers, and uses English as the medium to express his viewpoint in “Things Fall Apart.” His liberal use of folktales, proverbs and songs translated from Igbo language demonstrate how rich and profound his language is! The novel also epitomizes the incompatibility of colonialist and indigenous values. Chi-sounds like the profound scriptural revelation: Chi is not the concept of the novice as made out by the ones who have no deep understanding of the mindset of the African clans. Chi...
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Things Fall Apart

...decision concerning Ikemefuna was motivated by the fact that Okonkwo had shot at Ekwefi. His participation in the sacrificial killing of Ikemefuna could be said to have ruined Okonkwo's life. There is a memorable question that old Uchendu asks, which emphasizes the position of women in "Things Fall Apart" in a dramatic way: "Can you tell me, Okonkwo, why it is that one of the commonest names we give to our children is Nneka, or "Mother is Supreme" We all know that a man is the head of the family and his wives do his bidding. A child belongs to its father and his family and not to its mother and her family. A man belongs to his fatherland and not to his motherland. And yet we say Nneka -...
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Things Fall Apart

The fact that he has three wives in and of itself illustrates his misogynistic nature and attitude. He is terribly cruel to his son Nwoye, as he feels that Nwoye is not masculine enough and that he is feminine and weak. Nwoye begins to behave in more masculine ways to please his father Okonkwo, as anything less is simply unacceptable and can lead to a beating from his father. Okonkwo is a portrait of dominant male ideology as he causes his family a great deal of pain and suffering because of this ideology.
Okonkwo is rarely able to display emotion and is depicted as first and foremost, seeking to be masculine and in control. He is depicted however, at one point in the story, as a concerned parent, when he ventures out look...
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Things Fall Apart

... cannot even accept it in others. Strangely enough, Okonkwo frequently defies the customs of the Igbo natives through his personal morale of aggression. Consequently, despite the fact that he manages to reach supremacy in his society, he becomes alienated from that society. The same values that gave him a heroic status also led to his downfall. In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo is portrayed as a perfect Igboman and principally concerned with the obsession of authority and its impacts among the Igbo tribe. This novel is a native representation and condemnation of the culture and institutions of a disparaged people with emphasis on both their strong points and flaws, and devoid of any trace of regret or shame. Achebe attains...
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Things Fall Apart

..., the Lbo villagers attended the schools and were taught how to write and speak English. This led the villagers adapt English as an alternative language and they ended up forgetting their language. Finally, Achebe called his book ‘Things Fall Apart’ for it was due to the coming of the British Imperialism that the Lbo villagers ended up adapting the European culture and lifestyle which included, formal education, medical use in the hospitals, new lifestyle and the white man’s religion. Eventually they abandoned their traditions, culture, traditional practices, lifestyle and beliefs. All that led to everything changing from how it was before the coming of the white missionaries and...
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Things fall apart/apocalypse

Similarities between Apocalypse Now and Heart of Darkness Both the movie, Apocalypse Now and the book, Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad effectively talk about a particular man’s lengthy journey through the cruel, dark wilderness of Vietnam and Africa. The mission of Marlow seems to be to rescue Kurtz from an inner station, Congo, while Willard intends to terminate the command of Kurtz up River Nung, by any necessary means. Moreover, there is more parallelism between these two forms of art, yet discrepancies also separate the two. Although the various characters found within the two pieces seem to be different in their roles, but their intended purposes seem to be similar with regard to the general imperialism themes. Imp...
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Things Fall Apart

... Things Fall Apart Meaning of “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe The novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe has its bearing the central message of the authors work. At the same time, the same, "Things Fall Apart" as a title, foreshadows the tragedy taking place at the end of the novel. Here, theres a depiction of both tragedies of an individual as well as that of a society. Okonkwo, who was a protagonist in this novel, depicted a very rich and respectful at the beginning of the novel, has a tragic fate as the novel comes to an end. This is the first depiction of how "Things Fall Apart" gets its meaning in this novel. Theres the portrayal by the Achebe of how Okonkwo, a well respectable, famous and ambitious African leaders life falls...
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The Rise and Fall of the Susquehanna Indian Tribe of Pennsylvania

c. Research was conducted through a variety of library books and internet sources to determine what was known about the tribe as well as what was known about how various tribes necessarily made their living in this region.
II. A great deal of the early history of the American continent has been lost thanks to the annihilation of great Indian nations such as the Susquehanna, forcing us to examine other tribes for clues as to their way of life.
a. Although little is known about the Susquehanna Indian tribe itself, much about the way in which they must have lived can be deduced by examining the traditions and customs of other tribes that lived in their region.
b. Environment also must have played a vital role in the wa...
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Cold War: Account for the Rise and Fall of Detente

...Cold War Essay: ‘Account For The Rise And Fall Of Detente In historiographies of many countries a great attention is paid to the problem of Cold War.A special attention is usually paid to the foreign policy of the USA and the USSR in post-war period. Many researches are dedicated to this issue. Nevertheless many aspects of this problem deserve further researching. One of these aspects is accounting for the rise and fall of Détente. Is should be noticed that the relationship between the USA and the USSR appeared at the centre of international policy in post-war period. The close cooperation of the USSR and the USA was changed into the hard confrontation that got the name ‘Cold War’. This term was firstly used in 1947 by the American...
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The Rise and Fall of the Decemvirs

Within about 60 years of the founding of the Roman Republic, the city-nation was already beginning to splinter from within, held together only because of the need to unite frequently in opposition to foreign enemies. Frequent wars with their neighbors often caused the Romans to put aside their differences in order to protect their lands and uphold their treaties. However, times of peace had the plebians, or common people, frequently at odds with the patricians (upper class) over disputes regarding losses suffered because of lengthy service in Rome’s army. In the middle of the fifth century BC, the Republic put aside its traditional structure of two consuls overseeing the senate to establish what was termed the decemviri, a r...
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The Fall of the Roman Republic

He managed to ward off all threats to his rule by either ruthlessly killing those who threatened it or expelling them from the Senate. However, Augustus was much more than his predecessors because he was able to balance and temper his power by attaining peace for Rome during his reign, called Pax Romana as a result, that his despotism became acceptable to his subjects. Civil wars were halted after raging for several years, and wars abroad ceased.

Aside from finally bringing peace to Rome after hundreds of years of wars and conflicts, Augustus many components to Roman life that made life easier for them like security and prosperity made possible through an efficient bureaucracy which he fashioned cleverly. He created div...
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The Rise and Fall of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey was born in 1471 in Ipswich. His father Robert Wolsey was a butcher.2 Thomas Wolsey completed his education at Magdalena College, Oxford and was then appointed a master over there. He became a priest of Marlborough in 1498 and then the chaplain to the archbishop of Canterbury, Henry Dean in 1502. In 1503 after the death of the archbishop, Wolsey became the chaplain to Sir Richard Nanfan. Sir Richard trusted Thomas Wolsey and allowed him to handle a lot of matters of his state. It is believed that it was Sir Richard who introduced Wolsey to King Henry V11. It was after the death of Sir Richard that Thomas Wolsey actually entered politics and came to work under Henry V11. This was the start of his political ca...
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The Fall of Washington Mutual

However, the subprime crisis in the US market led the bank into trouble and its eventual collapse in September 2008. The bank was seized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and was sold off to JP Morgan Chase.

WaMu was the nation’s largest savings bank. It failed because it was reckless with its lending, obsessed with profits and disregarded rational lending standards. WaMu management teams believed that the subprime mortgage venture was worth the risk. They believed that the booming housing market would only get bigger, ignored straws in the wind evidenced by falling profits in the home loan business and/or increasing defaults, and supported homeowners in a cycle of borrowing and refinancing on the back...
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Analysis of Why You Do the Things You Do Book by Clinton and Sibcys

...WHY YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DO BY: TIMOTHY CLINTON & GARY SIBCY AFFILIATION: Contents Contents 2 Summary 3 Concrete responses 6 Reflection 7 Application 8 References 9 Why You Do the Things You Do Summary The title of the book is “Why you do the things you do” and the authors of this book are Timothy Clinton and Gary Sibcy. The book had been designed and fashioned in a transformational style, so that the contents of the book are easy for the readers to apply and transform the changes need to be brought in their lives. There are four main relations discussed in this book that enlightens the readers to know more about these relation’s origin and how the actions that come in with each relation are imposed on the receiver being dealt...
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Conflicts and Conflict Resolution: Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart

.... In reference to the definition of a culture, it is clear that a culture is present everywhere; within a society, an organization, a family or among friends. However, this paper will emphasize on societal culture with emphasis on conflicts caused by culture and its aspects such as sexuality, culture change and language. The paper gives reference to Things fall apart, a book by Chinua Achebe. Chinua Achebe narrates the consequences and struggles that accompany cultural change, and how it affects the people of a rural village, Umuofia. Before the arrival of missionaries, the people in Umuofia village had a patterned culture, which defined their traditions. They worshiped gods, offered...
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The Things They Carried: Jimmy Cross

Additionally, the Cold War between the United States and the USSR caused numerous conflicts in the most remote areas of the planet, such as Afghanistan and Vietnam. Consequently, wars were and remain a mundane reality for many people. Besides, it seems that wars are an inevitable part of human civilization connected to our deep subconscious animal instincts and some uncontrollable need for violence. What is undoubtful is that wars make people feel closer to death. During a peaceful life full of daily worries and troubles a human being tends to forget that he is mortal; however, while at war there is no time for irrelevant problems since any second one can be shot dead. So paradoxically wars teach people to value life and think of...
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Various Things that Can Be in Order for Nations to Live in Peace

Peace may also suggest the existence of the healthy or newly healed international and interpersonal relationships, sincere attempts for reconciliation and prosperity in matters of economic or social welfare as well as working political order and establishment of equality that serves the real interests of all. Peace can only be achieved by ensuring that all cases of violence are critical. The paper will discuss the various things that can be in order for nations to live in peace.
The nature of conflicts has changed significantly in the past two decades. The state of conflicts has evolved from nations fighting each other to various forms of conflicts and violence that incorporate non-state actors such as organized crimes, gang...
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