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Skills and Experiences Acquired In the Past 12 Months - Lab Report Example

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The author of the current paper states that in the last twelve months, he has managed to acquire different language; Chinese. In addition, he has gained a lot of knowledge relating to how business is being accomplished in different parts of the world. …
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Skills and Experiences Acquired In the Past 12 Months
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Extract of sample "Skills and Experiences Acquired In the Past 12 Months"

Download file to see previous pages Likewise, in the mastering my new language skills, I listened to the podcast as it enabled me to develop a positive feeling for the language in question while also allowing me to learn more and more words. The use of such devices like the podcast enabled me to understand how different sentences are put together hence enabled me to learn my new language skills just like a baby learns to talk a mother’s language (Dyer, Gregersen & Christensen, 2011).
Through my inquiry for innovation networks, I found it important since it is like to develop skills for discipline because fostering innovation skills in any area is greatly dependent on the disciplines taught. This will include having the grasp of technical skills, skills in thinking and creativity, behavioral and socials skills. Likewise, through the inquiry, I would like to develop skills in pedagogies which will constitute problem-based learning at the site, cooperative learning, and meta-cognitive learning. This will be tremendously essential to me because it will enable me to focus on different aspects of innovation like design thinking amongst others. In addition, throughout the inquiry, I would like to attain the skills of assessment in order for me to develop and assess various creativity aspects and other habits of the mind related to innovation. Lastly, I would like to develop the skills for international mobility through the inquiry because it will be crucial in enabling me foster skills I have acquired from different sources to match those of the globalized economy (Kuhlthau, Caspari, & Maniotes, 2007).
My contribution in the learning process towards innovation networks would be placing myself at the center of what happens in all situations. This will enable me to achieve both cognition and growth as I will be self-regulated hence able to control my mind and emotions to set various realistic goals and monitor my progress throughout the process.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Skills and Experiences Acquired In the Past 12 Months Lab Report)
Skills and Experiences Acquired In the Past 12 Months Lab Report.
“Skills and Experiences Acquired In the Past 12 Months Lab Report”, n.d.
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