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Careers beyond Clinical Medicine - Research Paper Example

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This research will begin with the statement that there are a wide variety of careers that are appealing to the author. However, the best two careers that are appealing to the researcher are a career in medicines, as well as a career in accountancy…
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Careers beyond Clinical Medicine
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Extract of sample "Careers beyond Clinical Medicine"

Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that contemporary medical practice involves genetics, biomedical research, biomedical sciences, prevention and treatment of diseases through surgery and medication, etc. My career of choice under medicine is that of a medical doctor. A medical doctor is responsible for diagnosing and treating diseases. Another career of choice is accountancy. Accountancy refers to a profession that involves the communication of financial information of an organization to the stakeholders of the organization under consideration. The stakeholders can be managers or even shareholders. Professionals who are responsible for conducting accounting work are always referred to as accountants. Accountants can also conduct an audit of a company, for purposes of ascertaining whether the company manages its financial resources in an effective manner. While meeting the objectives of this paper, I will identify the subdivisions of these professions, analyze them, and ascertain the area that interests me most amongst the sub-divisions. One of the major reasons as to why I would like to pursue a career in medicine is my desire to help. This involves helping people who are sick and being able to make them improve on their health conditions. Eisenberg explains that doctors are very useful people within the society. This is because they are able to identify a problem and provide diagnosis about a medical problem, for the main purpose of treating the disease under consideration. A doctor is an individual who is highly respected within the society and is always held in high esteem. To qualify as a doctor, an individual has to attend a medical school and be good in science-based subjects. This includes chemistry, biology, and physics. There are different types of doctors, however, the main types of doctors include andrologists, allergists, cardiologists, dermatologists, dentists, family practician, gynecologists, surgeons, pediatric doctors etc. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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