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Consideration the profession of dentistry to be a very dignified and respectable career choice - Essay Example

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This paper is the great example of the statement of purpose. The achievement of success and accomplishment of one’s goals is reliant upon a person’s determination and will to strive for the best. Education and hard work serve to be the keys to success…
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Consideration the profession of dentistry to be a very dignified and respectable career choice
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Extract of sample "Consideration the profession of dentistry to be a very dignified and respectable career choice"

Download file to see previous pages My name is Roozbeh Ghasemi and I was born in 1985 in the city of Shiraz which is located in Iran. I currently reside in the state of Austin in the United States. I belong to a family that possesses a very strong educational background. My father was also born in Iran in the city of Abadan which is an industrial metropolis. He was also a very ambitious man and went to the United States in the year 1969 for the degree of Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. Soon after the completion of his degree, he was employed by Flour Engineering and Construction Co. Houston division in 1974. He still chose to further expand his knowledge and completed his Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston in an evening course. My mother was also a teacher in junior high school. My parents were highly aware of the importance of education and they instilled the same awareness in me and my siblings. My brother opted for the field of veterinary medicine and completed his doctorate in the field. My sister completed her Masters in English Literature. I followed in the footsteps of my father and chose the industrial field and completed my masters in Industrial Management. The completion of my masters in Industrial Management was an achievement but deep down I always had a strong desire of pursuing my career in the field of medicine. My parents have always been highly supportive of my choices and they taught me that a person should seek knowledge for their entire life as knowledge is a reservoir which is inexhaustible and infinite. Their supportive advices and my quest for knowledge made me determined to follow my dream and opt for attainment of qualifications in the field of medicine. The field of medicine has very strong roots and is based upon a very strong foundation of providing help and assistance to people. It is a career path which will endow me with opportunities of helping individuals who are in pain and to give aid to individuals who require it. Thus, I have decided that I will opt for this career despite of being aware of the fact that it will not be an easy task and will require my full time attention and dedication. When I was a small child, I always used to admire doctors and used to consider them to be helpers of the society. The visits to the dentists were always of particular interest as I used to find their work highly intriguing. Therefore, I have decided to pursue my dream and opt for further studies for becoming a dentist. I am willing to start my career from the first step and move ahead to climb the steps of success for the achievement of my goals. I am fully aware of the fact that the path that I have chosen is not very easy and it will keep on getting difficult with time. Despite of this fact, I am still determined and willing to face all the hurdles that come in my way. This is owing to the fact that I am truly devoted towards my aim and wish to obtain a doctorate degree in the field of dentistry. I have already initiated my struggle for succeeding in my aim and I am currently enrolled in my pre-requisite course which is known as degree holder non degree seeker in college. This is to complete my credit hours to make myself eligible for my enrollment in the program of dentistry in University. This course will bring me closer to the understanding of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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tanya36 added comment 1 year ago
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I didn’t know how to start my document. "Consideration the profession of dentistry to be a very dignified and respectable career choice." helped me out a lot! Especially the list of resources was valuable.

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