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The Profession Of A Medical Assistant - Essay Example

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The essay "The Profession Of A Medical Assistant" analyzes physician assistant education programs which are highly competitive. The rate of innovation on drugs and vaccines for various ailments has been on the rise and this trend posse to have a great impact on the dynamics of future medicine…
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The Profession Of A Medical Assistant
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Extract of sample "The Profession Of A Medical Assistant"

Download file to see previous pages Research shows that the virus kills approximately 20,000 people yearly and developing its vaccine to full functionality will be a milestone in the medical fraternity. 3. If you could practice medicine anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I would like to work with underprivileged communities here in the states. It has become a burden for me to offer my service to people and families who have been sidelined by the society yet they equally need the healthcare services like anyone else does. It has become a concern to me, that an almost all medical practitioners want to practice in big towns and cities and in hospitals that are fully furnished with all medical equipment they require leaving out the option of marginalized areas with largely inadequate practitioners. For this reason, I am committed to giving service to the underserved communities at hospitals or doctor’s office where I will specialize in either primary care of cardiology work and be part of the solution towards addressing the health worker shortage in such underserved communities as well as provide affordable and accessible healthcare services. 4. Thinking of yourself, what is the best patient experience you’ve had and why? What is the worst patient experience you’ve had and why? The best patient experience that I have had is when as a medical assistant; I managed to attend to my client from vastly different social backgrounds from mine and was able to blend well with them despite the disparities in culture, values, and language. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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