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Personal Data Assistance PDA use in Health Care - Essay Example

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Personal Data Assistance PDA use in Health Care
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Download file to see previous pages This not only helps in starting the right treatment at the right time, but also saves lot of time and energy on the part of the physicians. The entry of the Personal Data Assistance in the medical world has made the job of the medical staff and the patients easy, comfortable and time saving.
The Personal Data Assistance (PDA) is a tool which helps the physicians and the nurses to access the patient’s information at the time of his treatment. The PDA helps the physicians and nurses to access all the information about the patient’s history of disease, the drug information, the prescription for his treatment and medical references. This makes their job easy as on the basis of information accessed through PDA, they can take quick decisions and start the treatment without any delay (Dee, Teolis & Todd, 2005). The PDA has many advantages for the medical practitioners. It not only provides the complete information about the patient’s treatment, but also helps to keep tab of the patient’s condition just by regularly communicating with patients through the device.
1) The PDA has made the communication between the patient and the consulting physician easy and comfortable. Previously, to attend the patient’s need and treatment, the physician had to be available physically. This demanded a lot of physical strength and mobility on the part of the physician. Most of the times, the patient’s are not admitted on the same floor. Sometimes, one physician has to consult the patient’s not only on the different floors, but also in different buildings. This made the physician’s job hectic and time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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