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The Overview of the Fire Preparedness of Santa Cruz Museum of National History - Case Study Example

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The following assignment represents a case study for the fire preparedness organizes in the Santa Cruz Museum of National History. The writer will discuss a few certain emergency scenarios and deconstruct them in terms of safety and situation evaluation planning…
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The Overview of the Fire Preparedness of Santa Cruz Museum of National History
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Extract of sample "The Overview of the Fire Preparedness of Santa Cruz Museum of National History"

Download file to see previous pages The museum is a double story building with two main entrances on the ground floor. The western entrance, that has the checking office on its left just after one enters, can get used for both entrance and exit. Straight ahead of this entrance 15 meters away is a larger exit door. An office for the security personnel lies to the right of this exit and the staircase to the first floor lie to the right of this exit. Beyond the entrance, only door to the left lays the offices of the museum management and other museum staff that gets consulted from by visitors. A gallery for collections of plants from within the region is directly behind the entrance office at the door. It measures 10 meters by 15 meters, and the ceiling lies at a height of 3 meters. It has 13 cases pinned to the wall displaying the artwork of indigenous Americans and photographs of different cultural spectacles of Native Americans.
The first floor can get accessed from the 1st floor through a single staircase at the center of an atrium. However, inclusive of the entrance, it has three exits from which visitors can leave the premises. To the extreme left is the backroom that has the terrestrial exhibit that measures 10 meters by 13 meters. It has an exit on its eastern end. The center part of the 2nd floor has a geology/ marine exhibit that measures 8 meters by 13 meters. Am exit lies on the western wall of this gallery. On the south side of the first floor is the atrium that has galleries on both sides and an exit between them that leads to the staircase descending to the ground floor. The western door on this atrium has a front desk for inquiries and security purposes. (Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History: Hours and Directions, p. 52) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Overview of the Fire Preparedness of Santa Cruz Museum of National Case Study)
The Overview of the Fire Preparedness of Santa Cruz Museum of National Case Study.
“The Overview of the Fire Preparedness of Santa Cruz Museum of National Case Study”, n.d.
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