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Of Purpose for Grad School of Economics - Personal Statement Example

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"Statement of Purpose for Grad School of Economics" paper states thta leadership quality will be helpful for an individual to consider others as equal. So, the leadership quality acquired at the leadership development consulting firm will be helpful for me to deal with other students with more ease…
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Statement of Purpose for Grad School of Economics
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Extract of sample "Of Purpose for Grad School of Economics"

Download file to see previous pages The rapid change in international trade and commerce cannot be blamed for this phenomenon because development can be positive or negative. Earlier, economic crises/problems affected small nations. But now, economic problems are haunting economically stable nations and the union of nations. For instance, the economic crisis is not a new phenomenon for the African and Asian nations. On the other side, the European nations (say, the EU) is facing an economic crisis as an imminent threat. Besides, the EU is trying its level best to overcome the economic crisis but time will prove the effectiveness of the measures taken.

So, one can see that the global economy is no longer an isolated island that exerts a positive or negative influence on any specific nation. Within this context, the whole world is trying to unearth the grass root level reason behind this rapid change. Still, one can see that a clear cut solution is not yet formulated by any nation. In addition, the responsibility of an individual who is deeply interested in economics is to help the world to overcome this crisis with ease. So, my interest in economics and my effort to pursue an MBA are inspired by the current economic state.

The major subject for my under graduation was political science. One can see that political science and economics are interconnected. For instance, political decisions influence economic development. At the same time, political interest and lobbying by multinational corporations deeply influence the decisions of politicians. When I was an undergraduate student, I used to ponder upon the relationship between political science and economics. In the beginning, my interest in political science helped me to analyze the importance of democracy in the international context. For instance, democracy helps the world nations to be at the forefront of development.

On the other side, the nations under dictatorship never accept democracy because dictatorship is totally against the rule of the people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Statement of Purpose for Grad School of Economics Personal.
(Statement of Purpose for Grad School of Economics Personal)
Statement of Purpose for Grad School of Economics Personal.
“Statement of Purpose for Grad School of Economics Personal”.
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