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Marketing plan for a charter school - Essay Example

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This marketing plan is for Allegiance Academy for grades K-9, a public charter school, to be located in Tucson, Arizona It is a publicly funded school that, in accordance with state statute, has been granted a charter exempting it from state or local rules and regulations…
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Marketing plan for a charter school
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Download file to see previous pages This marketing plan is for Allegiance Academy for grades K-9, a public charter school, to be located in Tucson, Arizona It is a publicly funded school that, in accordance with state statute, has been granted a charter exempting it from state or local rules and regulations. It is newly created and will be governed by a group of local educators. Our main objective is to recruit students to our newly established school. Like most Americans who have ancestors from multiple countries or even continents, charters were born of disparate theories, educating initiatives, and social philosophies. That diversity has been one of the greatest strengths of the big family that is the charter movement. But now public . policies ......certainly No Child Left Behind, but also the state standards movement that preceded it.........are forcing conversations long delayed. In the early 1990's, at the inception of charter schools, the bargain was set. These schools would be given greater autonomy and flexibility than traditional public schools, and in return they would be held accountable for getting better results in student learning. Just as critically, they would be schools of choice for everyone involved.........students, parents, and teachers. Two sides of the charter triangle........autonomy and choice.........have remained quite clear and without controversy, at least within the charter movement itself. Parents should have plenty of choices; and the more autonomy and flexibility, the better. It has remained clear that the charter model has succeeded in attracting applicants....
A quality charter school authorizer engages in responsible oversight of charter schools by

ensuring that schools have both the autonomy to which they are entitled and the public

accountability for which they are responsible. They should:

Approach authorizing deliberately and thoughtfully with the intent to improve the

quality of public school options

Support and advance the purposes of charter school law

Be a catalyst for charter school development to satisfy unmet educational needs

Strive for clarity, consistency, and transparency in developing and implementing

authorizing policies and procedures

Be a source of accurate, intelligible performance-based information about the schools

they oversee

Be responsible not for the success or failure of the school, but for holding the school

accountable for their performance

Use objective and verifiable measures of student achievement as the primary measure

of school quality

and to

Make the well-being of students the fundamental value informing all decision-making

and actions


The governing body has purchased a vacant property located at 12345 Lane Drive in


Start up funds have been obtained from individuals, state planning grants, corporate

grants, and entrepreneurs. Other resources will have to be explored. Fund-raising projects are in

the process.

Advertisements for staff has been placed in newspapers across the state and in

educational journals and magazines. Current applicants are now in the interviewing process.

A food vendor has been contracted for the lunch program.

Insurance policies are in place for the building and the faculty and student ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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