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Statistics of Deaths and Injuries among Firefighters - Research Paper Example

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The intention of this study is to recall the sad statistics of deaths and injuries among firefighters. Annually, about a hundred firefighters in the US die during the firefighting. If in the 1990s their mortality rate decreased slightly, in recent years it returned to the indicators of the 1980s.
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Statistics of Deaths and Injuries among Firefighters
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Extract of sample "Statistics of Deaths and Injuries among Firefighters"

Download file to see previous pages Research indicates that in times of wildland firefighting undertakings, incidences of heat stress injuries are usually very high. The firefighter can suffer from dehydration while he/she is operating under both high air temperatures as well as while operating under conditions with excessive radiant heat flux. This can also occur if positive preventative procedures are not implemented as a normal way of doing business on a every-day heat stress.
Apparently, about 33% of on-call fatalities that firefighters experience to take place in the operational region where a fire breaks up. Among others, most deaths are attributed to electrocution, burns asphyxiation, sudden cardiac death, stroke, internal trauma, crushing injuries, as firefighters attempt to put out or control fires. Moreover, another 33 percent of on-call firefighter fatalities come about in motor vehicle and other kinds of accidents as the officers head towards or come out from an event. Additionally, 10% of the injuries reported among firefighters take place as they go through such training activities as live fire training, underwater/dive training, physical fitness activities, during classes and seminars, and during equipment and apparatus drills. Firefighters also die while executing non-emergency on-call activities and in the event of non-fire emergencies. Of all on-call firefighter injuries such as internal trauma, electrical shock, crushing injuries, asphyxiation, burns, and drowning, traumatic injuries account for over one-half.
Szubert & Sobala (2002) explain that recklessness, as well as inappropriate firefighters’ behavior, account for roughly a half of accidents with the main injury causes being stumbling, loss of balance, falling or slipping. Other factors that lead to accidents while on duty include bad physical conditions, firefighters’ lack of physical fitness, inadequate knowledge as regards risks that take place in various circumstances of duty performance, and lack of adequate firefighters’ equipment with modern technical means. Others include slack conduct outside actions, failure to do warm up prior to engaging in physical exercises and over-involvement in the group sport. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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