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Roadway Safety For Firefighters/Paramedics - Essay Example

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Firefighters, EMTs, paramedics and police officers are usually the first people to arrive at incident scenes in case of emergencies and face great risk of injury during their operations. Each and every year, paramedics and firefighters are injured, others killed, while working…
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Download file to see previous pages According to government statistics, at least 17 firefighters were killed in the course of duty between 1995 and 1999 (Parker, 2003). Another 14 EMS and fire personnel were killed under similar circumstances according to Parker (2003).
Over 225 firefighters have in the past ten years lost their lives during roadside emergency operations according to the International Association of firefighters (IAFF). According to the Responder Safety Institute (2007), passing vehicles killed at least four fire personnel and emerged the fifth leading cause of death for fire fighters, at 25 percent. Paramedics and law enforcement officers have not been spared either as they perform their regular duties along roadways.
Prevention of roadside accidents involving paramedics, law enforcement officers, and firefighters requires first the identification of root causes of such accidents. According to the traffic experts, two primary factors that must be engaged in avoiding such accidents include improving responders’ visibilities and applying effective and advanced warning for motorist that are approaching (Parker, 2003).
Other potential root causes of injuries and fatalities during rescue and emergency missions by paramedics and firefighters include safety negligence, hazardous emergency vehicle and fire apparatus design, alcoholism and drunkenness, over speeding and presence of risky road intersections (Edmonds Fire Department, 2006). It is however very rare for fatalities to occur as a result of drunkenness and alcoholism of paramedics and firefighters.
Road safety experts concur that most accidents that are experienced by paramedics and firefighters are easily preventable, requiring the institution of standard safety procedures and training of members of public about emergency response (Edmonds Fire Department, 2006). In view of preventing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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