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Personal Development in Accounting and Finance - Essay Example

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The author of the "Personal Development in Accounting and Finance" essay sattest that there are various dimensions to his/her personality and it would be complex to put forward it into a narrow context. The author depicts him/herself as a unique individual with distinct thinking and understanding. …
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Personal Development in Accounting and Finance
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Extract of sample "Personal Development in Accounting and Finance"

Download file to see previous pages I participate in different outdoor activities and can be described as an athlete and an active person.

I am an introvert and do not enjoy communicating with people on any subject. I like to acquire more knowledge relating to my profession and apply it to practice. I am also a person who is flexible and can adapt to changing situations. However, I do not observe things keenly which can create a problem in my personal and professional life. My personality is greatly influenced by my father and his honesty and hardworking nature. I believe in modesty and humility and behave with people in a peaceful manner. I work hard to achieve my goals and have my laid down principles which I follow without default. I realize my education has changed my personality and knowledge especially my study throughout the diploma course of accounting.

I have deeply looked into my values and interests when I considered my education and job. I wanted a profession where I contribute largely to the firm. The profession also should give the opportunity for development and personality enhancement. During my study of diploma in accounting and finance, I realized that I gained more of analytical and reasoning skills. I became intellectually more competent and my confidence level increased greatly. I achieved a lot in academic perspective which helped me immensely during my career as a finance assistant and banking professional. Even my interest changed as I started engaging in sports like pool billiards with my colleagues and started practicing yoga for more mental clarity.

My relationship criteria also change as my colleagues started influencing me in a positive way. I started enjoying my job like them and became more hardworking and honest. I built up a good rapport with them and also received advice and good support from my managerial heads. But at times, I found my job was very competitive when I compared my work quality with my co-workers.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Development in Accounting and Finance Essay.
(Personal Development in Accounting and Finance Essay)
Personal Development in Accounting and Finance Essay.
“Personal Development in Accounting and Finance Essay”.
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